This Week In Pokemon: New Paradox ‘Mon, Misty Returns, And More

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet might be keeping us busy right now, but that’s hardly the only area of the franchise that’s been busy this week. In the first Pokemon round-up of 2023, we have stories from all across the series, from the card game to the long-running anime – that’s incredibly close to coming to an end.

However, we have to open up on a leak that came through just a few hours ago, as it looks like the Types for the next Paradox Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet have been revealed.

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Leak Seems To Confirm Paradox Virizion And Suicune Typing

Two new Pokemon moves have leaked for Scarlet & Violet, suggesting that Paradox forms of Virizion and Suicune could be on the way. Psyblade, likely a Psychic move, is being linked to Paradox Virizion, as its usual signature move is Sacred Sword. On the other hand, it’s believed that Hydro Steam is a Fire-Type move, albeit one for a Fire/Water hybrid Pokemon. This sounds a lot like Suicune’s move, Aurora Beam, so it may be a Fire/Water Paradox type. Of course, nothing is official right now, but it’s a heck of a coincidence if they’re not going to be added to the game.

Thieves Steal $11k Worth Of Pokemon Cards From A Tokyo Store

As the Pokemon card market continues to thrive, we keep seeing reports of high-level thefts. This week was no different, with a Tokyo store losing $11,000 worth of Pokemon cards on New Year’s Eve. It seems that the thieves were specifically targeting older, high-value cards, as the store owner said that is what they specialize in. They also had to break glass display units to get to the cards, further suggesting that they hold high value in the resellers market. The thieves were only in the store for a minute, but apparently made off with more than 100 cards.

YouTubers Make And Eat Every Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Sandwich

YouTubers Taka and Kat tried over 100 sandwiches this week, putting the recipes in Scarlet & Violet to the test. You have to watch the results for yourself, but as you might expect, some of them are far better than others. Whether it’s adding yoghurt to your sub or making a hellish combination of marmalade and cheese, Scarlet & Violet is full of some wacky lunch ideas. And to be honest, you’re probably better off watching someone else do it. Don’t try this at home.

Misty And Brock Will Return To Pokemon Before Ash Leaves The Series

The big Pokemon story lately is the bittersweet news that Ash’s journey is coming to an end. However, it’s only getting more poignant, as it’s been suggested that longtime buddies Misty and Brock will return to the anime before the finale. This comes from a Famitsu report, which states that Misty will appear in the penultimate episode, with Brock coming back for the final. It’s a fitting way to say goodbye to the protagonist that has graced our screens for 25 years now, as he sets off with the pals he made at the very start of his Pokemon adventure.

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