Time Extend Podcast #24 – Free Practice

The summer months are perfect for kicking back, imbibing in a cold, refreshing drink of your choosing, and simply enjoying the company and conversation of your friends and family. At Time Extend, we figure it was time we do the same.

This week, your favorite light-hearted racing game podcast returns with another open-ended Free Practice episode. But rather than catching you up with what we’ve been playing (hint: it’s been a whole lot of Wipeout), we figured we’d open the floor to questions. And, as it turned out, more than a few people had questions!

Ever wanted to know which Formula 1 driver belongs at which anti-gravity racing team? Perhaps you’ve wondered about the gripping story behind Test Drive’s gritty street racing reboot in the early aughts? Maybe you’re pining for a sequel to Vanishing Point. (The fairly-decent stunt driving game, of course — not the seminal chase thriller.)

If any of those teases have at all piqued your curiosity, you’ll want to listen along. If not, you’ll be pleased to note we find time to dabble in F1 esports and the futility of GT Sport’s ever-controversial penalty system, too. We can get serious, you know — most of the time we just choose not to.

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