TimTheTatman Bribes Warzone 2 Players $1,000 To Win A Bet With Ninja

Popular streamer TimTheTatman recently made interesting use of Warzone 2's proximity chat feature by bribing four players into leaving him alone in order to win a $30,000 bet with Ninja.

Earlier this week, Warzone 2 finally launched, nearly a month after the original release of Modern Warfare 2. Although the game has been getting some pretty mixed reception from players, it still seems like a hit with streamers, as it's currently the second most-watched channel on Twitch as of the time of writing, second only to the indomitable "Just Chatting".

One feature that Warzone 2 players have been having a lot of fun with since the game's launch is its proximity chat, which allows players to talk to one another when they're in the same area. It's been used in some interesting ways so far, such as clever players using it to lure enemies out into the distance, but one of the most interesting usages was by popular streamer TimTheTatman.

As reported by Dexerto, the potential of proximity chat was shown off during a recent stream between Ninja and TimTheTatman. During the game, Ninja was killed by some players, leaving Tim on his own and with the task of reviving the squad. Ninja then bet Tim that he couldn't survive, offering him £30,000 if he managed to revive him. With the stakes increased by an extravagant amount, Tim then finds himself surrounded by four other players.

Using proximity chat, Tim calls out and says that he's been bet a lot of money to survive, asking them to leave him alone. They enter the room and stare him down, at which point Ninja jumps in and offers them $250 each. After the players agree to leave Tim alone, he then asks for their PayApp and takes some money off of them to go towards reviving his squad. It's not clear if Ninja actually pays Tim the $30,000, but it seems that he was just joking.


Although Ninja also later joked that he wasn't going to be sending the four players any money, Protosszea, one of the players who ran into Tim and Ninja, shared on Twitter that they'd been sent $1,000 from Ninja with the message "for being a real one" attached. Even if Tim didn't get his share of the bet, at least that group of four did.

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