Titanfall 2 servers update: Hacker ‘frees’ servers after making game ‘unplayable’

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Titanfall 2 servers were reportedly hacked today across “all platforms” in a major hacking attack. The Titanfall 2 servers were allegedly brought to a crashing halt by DDoS attacks on the game’s servers. As reported on in a post by Pure Xbox, this caused extremely high ping rates and brought the critically acclaimed FPS completely offline.

The significant online issues with Titanfall 2 led fans to thinking it could be “the end” for the hit Respawn game.

On Twitter one gamer and streamer posted: “STATUS REPORT :// reports indicate that pc and xbox are officially completely ddosed and unplayable.

“He has done it, utterly done it.

“The hacker known as ****** has destroyed Titanfall 2 on all platforms. Just an update on how the situation is going. All platforms are down.”

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While the @save_titanfall Twitter posted: “Titanfall 2’s PC servers are down. You can no longer play Titanfall 2’s multiplayer.

“Goodbye, Titanfall. It’s been fun.”

Gamers on the Titanfall Reddit page also reported the EA and Respawn shooter as being down on Xbox and PS4 as well.

One Redditor posted: “This is actually heart-breaking, and I never thought I’d say that about a game. Been playing TF2 for 2 years and not once did the mp ever get boring. I was playing it only yesterday and still enjoyed it as much as I ever did. Hands down the best mp experience for me, and I’ve been a gamer my entire life.

“It’s just so sad”.

While another added: “Its been a fun ride, pilot. Gates out”.

However, despite the major online issues that have hit Titanfall recently it’s been reported the servers are now back online.

Titanfall 2 servers have reportedly gone live again after the hacker behind the attack “freed” servers up.

At around 12.40pm BST today (Monday July 12) the Apex Legends News Twitter account posted: “Today, Titanfall 2 was made completely unplayable on all servers.

“The supposed hacker/DDoSer has now apparently ‘freed’ the servers so you can play again, but no idea how long that will last.

“Sad day. Hopefully Respawn can work their magic.”

The Titanfall 2 server issues came soon after another popular Respawn and EA game – Apex Legends – was hit by a DDoS attack which brought servers to a standstill.

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