Twitch Streamer Offering $20,000 To Anyone Who Can Beat Impossible Halo 2 Challenge

If you're an experienced Halo player looking for a new challenge while you wait for Infinite's co-op campaign and Forge modes to finally arrive, this might be it. Streamer MoistCr1TiKaL has issued a challenge to anyone willing to accept it to complete a LASO run of Halo 2. It has never been done, at least not on record, and Cr1TiKaL will stump up $20,000 to the first person who manages to do it.

For those unfamiliar with what a LASO challenge is, the acronym stands for Legendary All Skulls On. Technically speaking, what Cr1TiKaL is asking of one very skilled Halo player isn't a LASO run. It's actually slightly more difficult. To win the $20,000, you need to have all skulls on except one. The Envy skull which allows Master Chief to turn invisible, something that would make the run significantly easeir if allowed.

Some of Halo 2's other skulls include one that makes enemies more aggressive, and another that messes with your shield's recharge ability. All things that will make your run dramatically harder, and the best, or perhaps that should be worst, is yet to come. On top of everything else already mentioned above, to clinch that $20,000 prize money, you need to complete the run without dying a single time. Fall even once, and it's game over.

That's it, easy right? Well, no, not at all. Cr1TiKaL actually issued the initial challenge earlier this month with $5,000 on the line. After getting nothing back, the streamer has seriously upped the prize pot in the hope it will draw in more players and perhaps weed out one who can actually get it done. It seems unlikely, though. Cr1TiKaL has attempted the challenge himself, tapping out before even making it past the second room in the first mission.

There's a very real chance completing Halo 2 with all of Cr1TiKaL's qualifiers applied is impossible. Perhaps the streamer will continue to increase the money up for grabs the longer it takes to find someone who can actually do it. As for a Halo 2 experience that won't leave you embedding controllers in your drywall, 343 is currently working with modders to make the sequel's E3 level playable.

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