Twitch Streamer Plays Elden Ring Using A Saxophone

There’s a thing called the "God Run"–that’s where you beat every Soulsborne game in a row without taking a single hit. After that is the Demigod Run, which is simply beating every Soulsborne game back-to-back without dying. And then there’s what Twitch streamer Dr. DeComposing calls the "Deathless Doot Run." That’s where you beat every Soulsborne game in a row without dying using an electronic saxophone.

Judging by the description alone, you’d rightly assume that the Deathless Doot Run is very challenging indeed. Dr. DeComposing’s Roland Aerophone AE-10 has been set up so that each note corresponds with a mouse or keyboard input. The camera and the character are controlled by a control stick on the back of the instrument, but otherwise, it’s playing the sax to the tune of whatever will defeat the monster in front of him.

Although Dr. DeComposing is a doctoral composer with years of experience, that doesn’t mean becoming Elden Lord is any easier. One of the biggest issues is being unable to perform two commands at the same time, in rapid succession, or with any degree of precision.

"All of these [controller-input] factors combined means that simple actions like running and turning simultaneously can’t be done without more toggles I programmed into the Aerophone’s controls," Dr. DeComposing told Kotaku. "And so, platforming is a nightmare. The number of times I’ve died to gravity because the Aerophone controls weren’t responding well is harrowing."

Watching repeated deaths while attempting to doot his way to Elden Lord is amusing on its own, what's even better is how DeComposing allows his viewers to take control of the sounds made by his electric sax, replacing them with puppy barks or strangely melodic fart noises.

Starting with Dark Souls 3, Dr. DeComposing has since beaten Bloodborne, Elden Ring, and recently finished Sekiro. He's on to the original Dark Souls, and after Dark Souls 2, the Deathless Doot Run will be complete.

And if playing Elden Ring with a saxophone wasn't enough, how about a streamer playing two Elden Ring characters at once with a controller and a dance mat? That’s a level of coordination I’m not sure if I’d be capable of if I were three octopuses glued together.

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