Two Blindfolded Players + One Controller = Wildest Boss Fight, Ever

Mike Tyson in Punch Out is one of video games’ most infamously difficult final bosses. But over at Awesome Games Done Quick, two incredibly talented speedrunners just fought their way to and beat him sharing the same controller. Oh, and they were completely blindfolded. According to, blindfolded speedruns of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out are nothing new. These two players actually hold the 2nd and 3rd spots on the leaderboard. Sinister1 has a blindfolded time of 21 minutes and 38 seconds, and Zallard1 has a 21 minute 56 second time.So, how do you beat a notoriously hard game, while sharing a controller AND blindfolded? As you might guess, it's not easy. In an interview beforehand, the runners weren’t sure they’d be able to beat the game in these conditions, or even get to Mike Tyson during the run. What followed was a 23-minute display of what can only be described as pure skill.To make this possible, Zallard1 and Sinister1 had to listen to VERY specific audio cues, communicate with each other on what the other planned on doing, and sometimes hope for a little bit of luck. And note, they had to listen for those audio cues while a loud audience cheered them on.They ended up pulling it off. They knocked out Glass Joe, Von Kaiser, Piston Honda, Don Flamenco, King Hippo, Great Tiger, Bald Bull, Soda Popinski, Mr. Sandman, Super Macho Man, and finally Mike Tyson himself, finishing at a time of 23 minutes and 39 seconds. According to, that would put them in 5th place on the blindfolded leaderboards, although doing the run while sharing the controller won’t allow them to qualify for that specific leaderboard.Since there is technically no leaderboard for a two-person, one-controller blindfolded speedrun of Mike Tysons Punch Out, that officially makes Sinister1 and Zallard1 the current World Record holders for the category…were it to exist.

Image courtesy of Games Done Quick

Remember, Awesome Games Done Quick will be running all week ending Saturday, January 11th at around midnight. So for more highlights from the marathon, make sure to keep it here on IGN.
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