Two Point Campus: How To Level Up Your Campus

Two Point Campus is the 2022 entry in Two Point Studios' popular lighthearted simulation game series. You play out a career as overseer of offbeat university campuses to the best of your abilities.

Each of your campuses will have a campus level attached, which determines how well-equipped it is to handle bigger challenges and attract students. The campus level can be found in the bottom right of the screen or on the campus progress overview. The level of your facility overall is determined by the statistics recorded on this overview.

What Is The Campus Level Based On?

The level is based on how many staff members, students and rooms you have, and this is measured against the average qualification level, average course level of students, and average room prestige.

It works in tandem with the expansion of the school, as long as the size of the campus matches the quality of student attainment and building prestige.

Increasing Staff Numbers To Build Campus Level

This is down to your judgments and funds as you build out the campus. Having more staff means that you are running a more reliable and sound ship, with staff that are less likely to be overworked. However, if you are unable to pay them then you may end up running the campus at a loss, and you may have to fire people, meaning your campus level shrinks.

You have to regulate your ability to expand things like the number of assistants serving food on campus for instance, until you have enough students paying tuition and earning XP in order to fund it.

Increasing Student Numbers To Improve Campus Level

This can be achieved by upgrading the courses you run, or adding new courses, using the course points earned by increasing the campus level. An upgraded course increases the number of students admitted. At first, with a single, level one course you will have ten students, this will increase several times by the time you have two level three courses, and you will have needed to increase everything else to facilitate this.

You can also increase student numbers by accepting open day requests and running an impressive demonstration that attracts up to three students to enroll.

This also assumes you don't have students who are dropping out, or even who you kick out of the campus.

Increasing Room Numbers To Grow Campus Level

This is a process you need to take on throughout in order to keep your facilities in shape, and is the driving force of your expansion, as the game works by building rooms first.

The more rooms you have the more staff are needed to clean, assist and teach in them, and the more you should be attending to things like a need for staff rooms and student lounges, and bathrooms and showers, with enough capacity for everyone. Getting the balance of the right rooms to increase the experience of students and staff is key.

Average Qualification Levels And The Effect On Campus Level

This is the average of the type of qualification students passing through campus earn in their final year. This is determined by the average grade that the classes are receiving, and in order to be judged on this you have to pass through the first three years. Whenever most students are passing at grades below an A, this will result in a slower progression of your campus level, since the bulk of your students don't tend to earn the most prestigious awards.

To increase this you must have adequate facilities for teaching and teachers who are trained, as well as attentiveness and care to individuals who are doing poorly for some reason. Your success at this is shown by the average grade being attained, as measured at the bottom right. If you've got facilities, including study request items, and the staff and student environment raised to a high enough level this will increase.

Average Student Level And Its Effect On Campus Level

This is the learning skill level for each course that drives the grades of the students, and raising it is the measure of their expertise. Higher learning level, higher grades, higher qualification level. Students will increase in this statistic as they attend classes and complete assignments.

Assist them in this by attending to their needs, which vary between basic things like drinking water or the one-on-one personal tuition available at the second campus. Attend also to those needs of teachers by adding useful teaching equipment to the rooms and increasing their prestige as below.

Average Room Prestige Also Affects Campus Level

This is the average prestige, or general quality and popularity of your campus' rooms, meaning that to increase it you will have to get every room into shape. This can be done by filling them with furniture, and items like plants and posters that increase their attractiveness, along with how much they appeal to other needs like food, drink or entertainment.

You will need to bring them up to match the expectation levels of your students. If you have students studying at a level of eight in a room with a prestige of two, this will bring down their mood and the overall impression of the campus.

In all raising the campus level is an effort to combine expansion with improvement, meaning that to unlock the bigger things and higher levels you have to provide the facilities to make it work, or risk watching it turn to disaster.

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