Ubisoft ignores NFT backlash – says they’re a ‘major change that will take time’

Not only is Ubisoft pushing ahead with its NFT plans but it’s already signed a new partnership to enable their use in more games.

It has been made very clear to Ubisoft, and every other publisher that’s listening, that gamers hate the idea of NFTs in games, but the problem is that NFTs are highly profitable and it seems Ubisoft is not willing to give up on them in a hurry.

Although it had to unlist the video for its Ubisoft Quartz initiative, because it got 96% dislikes, Ubisoft never said it was cancelling its plans and in fact today has announced a new partnership with distributed cloud network Aleph.im to store its NFT ‘Digits’ and make it easier to use them in multiple games at once.

‘We have received a lot of feedback since the announcement, and we hear both the encouragement and the concerns,’ Ubisoft’s Didier Genevois told website Decrypt. ‘We understand where the sentiment towards the technology comes from, and we need to keep taking it into consideration every step of the way.’

‘This experiment is meant to understand how the value proposition of decentralisation can be received and embraced by our players. We know it is a major change that will take time, but we will stay true to our three principles’, added Genevois.

These three principles are to ‘use the tech responsibly’, only use energy efficient proof-of-stake blockchains, and ‘focus on meaningful value propositions for players that benefit their gaming experience’.

How a helmet with a unique number scrawled on its top, that is impossible to see outside of a lobby, is meant to benefit anyone’s gameplay experience is a mystery but the talk of a ‘meaningful value proposition’ seems to be a reference to the fact that you can sell the NFTs to other people (via third party services that Ubisoft has no control over).

In other words, Ubisoft is ignoring the backlash and carrying on regardless, because NFTs make too much money.

Only days after Ubisoft’s plans were given the thumbs down by gamer, NFTs were announced for Stalker 2 but were removed within less than a day after the inevitable backlash.

If Ubisoft doesn’t care what gamers want though it’s going to be interesting to see what lessons EA and Square Enix take from the very unambiguous public response to NFTs in games.

Both publishers have talked about their interest in NFTs but so far have not announced any major new games that support them.

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