UwU Furry Coopertom Recreates Giuliani’s Failed Four Seasons Landscaping Press Conference In VR

Yesterday, US media outlets called the general election for President-Elect Joe Biden. This came after Pennsylvania’s vote count swapped from Republican to Democrat, handing Biden the necessary number of Electoral College votes to secure the presidency.

Most of us were relieved to finally have a winner and end months of what will certainly be noted as one of America’s ugliest elections. But it didn’t quite end with the election being called.

Just before the election was called for Biden, the Trump campaign notified the media of a “big press conference” to take place at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia. Everyone assumed the campaign meant the Four Seasons Hotel (including the President himself), but that turned out to be incorrect.

The press conference was actually held at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, located in a small industrial lot between an adult book store and a crematorium. And just so that the whole operation could look extra shady, the press conference was held in the back of the industrial lot where people would normally be loading lawn mowers onto the back of pickups.

Trump’s personal lawyer Rudi Giuliani had some pretty ridiculous things to say after finding out that Biden had won the election, which was appropriate considering how the whole press conference was just this side of ludicrous.

Now, that lunacy will live forever thanks to Coopertom, a tech-savvy furry and YouTuber that has found a keen interest in VRChat thanks to the ongoing pandemic.

VRChat is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a virtual space where people with VR headsets and talk using custom-made avatars. It’s still in Early Access on Steam, but it’s proving to be a popular choice among furries for its support of custom avatars.

It can also support custom chat rooms–a feature that Coopertom exploited to create the Four Seasons Total Landscaping VRChat room.

Coopertom spent just over five hours creating the Four Seasons in VRChat with a superb level of detail. Everything from the campaign posters lining the garage door to the miscellaneous “landscaping objects” behind the cloudy glass was realistically recreated so that anyone–furry or not–could experience the historic Four Seasons in VR.

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