Valve Teases VR Headset Called Index

Valve has long been said to be working on its own VR headset, which the company has not been particularly secretive about. The Half-Life developer has been openly hired a virtual reality hardware team to put out their own headset and rely less on the HTC Vive as their primary partner for VR. Now, thanks to a teaser image, it looks like Valve is getting to announce their own headset within the next two months.

The teaser page is for a headset which has the words “Valve Index” emblazoned on the plastic shell, revealing at least a name and very few other details. The shape matches prototype images received by UploadVR last year, which at the time boasted a fairly large field of view relative to competitors Vive and Rift.

The UploadVR story also suggested that Valve intends to support the headset with at least one piece of killer-app software: a Half-Life title.

Beyond that, there are no real details, though it looks like we will hear something in May. It definitely marks a new business strategy for Valve, who seemed to be getting out of hardware by sunsetting Steam Machines and Steam Links over the last year.

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