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We've got the latest codes for Vector Fission, a Roblox tower defense game from Oxidium Studios. The game is still in its early testing/alpha stage, but code functionality has now been added to the game. There are multiple maps, towers, and areas to explore, as well as various upgrades you can earn while you play. Either go it alone (and try to defeat the waves by yourself), or join up in a party to try and take on more difficult levels.

We check for new Vector Fission codes daily, as well as try and find the hidden codes around the map. Check back soon for more!

We added these codes on January 15, 2023.

Vector Fission Codes





500 XP

Active (NEW CODE)


1 Omni Contract, Free XP

Active (NEW CODE)


1 Omni Contract

Active (NEW CODE)


250 free xp

Active (NEW CODE)

Roblox codes are case-sensitive – that just means you need to be careful when copying the codes, just make sure that you match the numbers, capital letters, and punctuation, otherwise the code won't be valid.

How To Redeem Codes In Vector Fission

  • On the Main Menu, click on Settings
  • Enter the code into the box on the right of the screen
  • You will receive a notification that the code has been successfully redeemed

Code not working? Check that you've entered the code correctly. If that still doesn't work, the code may have expired, or you need to refresh the game to join a newer version of the server.

What Are Vector Fission Codes?

Vector Fission codes can be redeemed for experience (to level you up and unlock new towers) or Omni Contracts (which are used to unlock new towers from the tower menu.) These codes will help you get a quick start in the game. New codes are typically dropped alongside milestones and events. The game is getting more popular, so more codes will be added soon probably!

How To Get More Codes

New codes are usually posted in the game's official Discord, although if you want to find them easily all in one place, you can just use this page – we check for new codes regularly and keep the table updated.

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