Walkabout Mini Golf's Labyrinth Collab Launches This Month

Walkabout Mini Golf’s much anticipated Labyrinth DLC is coming this month, and we’ve got a first look at it.

The DLC — first announced in March — will launch on July 28, bringing scenes and characters from the iconic Jim Henson movie to VR for the first time. In the video below, developer Mighty Coconut joins members of the Jim Henson company to talk about the creation of the course.

Walkabout Mini Golf Labyrinth DLC Release Date Revealed

The video shows how some of the ideas and concepts from the movie are translating into VR. You’ll notice a lot of famous scenes that have almost been renovated in VR to become golf courses. As Game Director Lucas Martell puts it in the clip: “This is definitely going to be one of the biggest, most ambitious courses that we’ve ever done.”

Meanwhile, a tweet confirmed that the DLC will feature 18 holes with easy and hard versions as well as new Labryrinth-themed avatar customization options, and an original soundtrack. It will also feature eight player groups. Previously the limit had been for up to five players, though it’s unclear if the new player count will be supported across other levels.

Further down the line, Walkabout is also getting tie-in DLC for Myst along with a steady stream of original courses, too.

Are you going to be picking up the Labyrinth DLC for Walkabout? Let us know in the comments below!

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