Warframe: A Complete Guide To Conjunction Survival

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The Lua's Prey update for Warframe added the Conjunction Survival game type to Lua, a twist on the fan-favorite endless game type. Fight your way across the gilded moon and gain access to powerful Void Tear buffs, Lua Thrax Plasms, and earn parts to craft the Voruna Warframe.

Conjunction Survival can be a serious test of your build if you just unlocked this mode. Fortunately, some of this mode's unique mechanics give you an edge and allow you to better target-farm items you're interested in. This guide will cover how to unlock Conjunction Survival, showcase notable differences from standard Survival, and we'll cover all the rewards you can expect by playing this game type.

How To Unlock Conjunction Survival

Conjunction Survival is unlocked upon completing "The War Within" quest. Once complete, visit Lua on your Star Chart to find two new nodes: Yuvarium (Level 25-30) and Circulus (Level 80-100). Each node features the same game type but has different drop tables (explained later).

You'll also need to unlock the Zariman tileset to visit Archimedean Yonta, a vendor that sells specific drops from the Conjunction Survival drop table. To unlock the Zariman, you must finish both "The New War" and "Angels of the Zariman" quests.

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Playing Conjunction Survival

Conjunction Survival is quite similar to your typical Survival mission. Players must maintain their life support levels by defeating enemies to stay alive. The Lotus will spawn life support capsules that refill 30% of your life support every 90 seconds, up to a cap of eight dormant capsules simultaneously. Once your life support is empty, you'll be forced to extract. Rewards spawn every five minutes in the following rotation: A, A, B, C.

The notable difference with Conjunction Survival is the presence of Void Tears. One section of the map will contain a Lone Guardian, an invincible NPC that wanders toward any dormant life support capsules. This fallen Dax soldier projects a monochromatic aura in a small radius, buffing your Warframe with +100% Ability Strength and +50% Casting Speed while inside the aura. This effect persists for five seconds if you leave this field.

Using Necramechs

Conjunction Survival allows you to summon Necramechs, massive vehicles which are obtained from Deimos. Necramechs may be used for up to two minutes before triggering a ten-minute cooldown timer. Use your Necramech to make short work of Thrax units and Sentients.

Every five minutes that pass will spawn multiple Thrax enemies, Void/Grineer hybrid enemies that increase life support usage by 50%. Unlike the Zariman variants, Thrax enemies in Conjunction Survival do not need to be slain with your Operator's Amp; they'll die when you drop their physical form's HP to zero. Defeating a Thrax rewards Lua Thrax Plasm, a currency you can exchange for specific drops.

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Rewards And Drop Tables

Unlike most game types, Conjunction Survival features both random and deterministic rewards. Every reward rotation in Conjunction Survival has a small pool of rewards as you'd expect, but the Thrax enemies in this game type drop a currency type you can exchange for specific drops. If you're struggling to get a specific Voruna part, you can simply buy it with any spare Lua Thrax Plasms you've found.

Conjunction Survival drops Voruna, the Perigale sniper, and Sarofang heavy blade. Certain Arcanes are also exclusive to this mode (shown below).

Drop Tables

Drop tables were derived from Digital Extreme's Warframe PC Drops website.

Yuvarium Drop Table
Rotation A
3,000 Credits Cache Common (38.72%)
Somatic Fibers Common (38.72%)
400 Endo Rare (7.52%)
Perigale Blueprint Rare (7.52%)
Sarofang Blueprint Rare (7.52%)
Rotation B
Neo T6 Relic Uncommon (10.00%)
Neo N21 Relic Uncommon (10.00%)
Neo G4 Relic Uncommon (10.00%)
Neo D5 Relic Uncommon (10.00%)
Neo S15 Relic Uncommon (10.00%)
Neo C2 Relic Uncommon (10.00%)
Neo M4 Relic Uncommon (10.00%)
Sarofang Blade Rare (6.00%)
Sarofang Handle Rare (6.00%)
Perigale Barrel Rare (6.00%)
Perigale Receiver Rare (6.00%)
Perigale Stock Rare (6.00%)
Rotation C
Axi K8 Relic Uncommon (11.36%)
Axi K9 Relic Uncommon (11.36%)
Axi T8 Relic Uncommon (11.36%)
Axi N9 Relic Uncommon (11.36%)
Axi G8 Relic Uncommon (11.36%)
Axi K10 Relic Uncommon (11.36%)
Axi T10 Relic Uncommon (11.36%)
Voruna Blueprint Rare (6.82%)
Voruna Neuroptics Blueprint Rare (4.55%)
Voruna Chassis Blueprint Rare (4.55%)
Voruna Systems Blueprint Rare (4.55%)
Circulus Drop Table
Rotation A
Somatic Fibers Common (38.72%)
400 Endo Common (38.72%)
Perigale Blueprint Uncommon (11.28%)
Sarofang Blueprint Uncommon (11.28%)
Rotation B
Neo T6 Relic Rare (4.76%)
Neo N21 Relic Rare (4.76%)
Neo G4 Relic Rare (4.76%)
Neo D5 Relic Rare (4.76%)
Neo S15 Relic Rare (4.76%)
Neo C2 Relic Rare (4.76%)
Neo M4 Relic Rare (4.76%)
Sarofang Blade Uncommon (10.16%)
Sarofang Handle Uncommon (10.16%)
Perigale Barrel Uncommon (10.16%)
Perigale Receiver Uncommon (10.16%)
Perigale Stock Uncommon (10.16%)
Conjunction Voltage Rare (7.94%)
Arcane Rise Rare (7.94%)
Rotation C
Axi K8 Relic Rare (6.12%)
Axi K9 Relic Rare (6.12%)
Axi T8 Relic Rare (6.12%)
Axi N9 Relic Rare (6.12%)
Axi G8 Relic Rare (6.12%)
Axi K10 Relic Rare (6.12%)
Axi T10 Relic Rare (6.12%)
Voruna Blueprint Uncommon (12.24%)
Voruna Neuroptics Blueprint Rare (8.16%)
Voruna Chassis Blueprint Rare (8.16%)
Voruna Systems Blueprint Rare (8.16%)
Arcane Blessing Uncommon (10.20%)
Primary Frostbite Uncommon (10.20%)

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Archimedean Yonta Rewards

Archimedean Yonta Rewards
Item Cost (Lua Thrax Plasm)
Voruna Blueprint 125
Voruna Neuroptics Blueprint 75
Voruna Chassis Blueprint 75
Voruna Systems Blueprint 75
Sarofang Blueprint 100
Sarofang Blade 50
Sarofang Handle 50
Perigale Blueprint 100
Perigale Barrel 50
Perigale Receiver 50
Perigale Stock 50
Arcane Blessing 15 each
Arcane Rise 15 each
Primary Frostbite 15 each
Conjunction Voltage 15 each
Lua Circulus Scene 250

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Tips And Tricks

  • Fight near life support capsules. The Dax soldier will meditate beside life support capsules, making it easier to fight around its powerful aura.
  • Reserve your Necramech for reward intervals. Every five minutes, multiple Thrax units and Sentients will spawn. If they prove too challenging, summon your Necramech.
    • This triggers a ten-minute cooldown, so make it count.
  • Bring loot Warframes. Additional life support can spawn if you use Nekros' Desecrate, Khora's Pilfering Strangledome, Ivara's Prowl, and other loot-related abilities/augments.
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