Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Hits 10 Million Players After Being Free On Steam

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 went free to keep on Steam last weekend in celebration of "seven years of ‘tide," which developer Fatshark said was celebrating the Vermintide franchise and not those delicious-looking laundry detergent pods. And yes, I will use that joke twice because just like my laundry after using Tide laundry detergent pods, it's still fresh.

Anyway, it turns out that giving away your game for free on the world’s largest PC gaming platform is a recipe for success. According to Fatshark, there are now 10 million new Vermintide 2 owners in the world. If you missed the free giveaway and now you see all your friends playing Vermintide 2 together, take heart for the game is still 80 percent off on Steam.

However, it seems Fatshark may have been slightly exaggerating. Vermintide 2 certainly saw a massive jump in new players, but SteamDB and Steam Player Tracker are stating that the current number of Vermintide 2 owners is around 11 million. Fatshark reported in 2020 that Vermintide 2 sales had reached 5 million across all platforms, so unless there were a lot more Vermintide 2 players on consoles than expected, it seems more likely that those 10 million new players aren’t all because of Steam’s giveaway. Perhaps Vermintide 2 was also on sale on PlayStation and Xbox and all those new players are across all platforms, not just Steam.

Still, there are definitely a lot of Vermintide 2 players out in the world today, so there’s no better time to get into this cooperative survival game than right now.

In case you've never played, Vermintide 2 takes the core gameplay of Vermintide and tells a new story that takes place immediately after the first game. The Skaven are trying to open a portal to Chaos and it's up to you and a bunch of friends to stop it. The game takes place over 13 missions, but there is a bunch of DLC to play, and there was a totally free mission released on November 8 called "Trail of Treachery."

If you manage to shoot through Vermintide 2 in the next few weeks, Warhammer 40: Darktide will be out at the end of the month, and Blood Bowl 3 is bringing another Warhammer-themed strategy game on February 23.

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