WarioWare: Move It Announced, Releasing This November

Nintendo has announced WarioWare: Move It, a new game in the long-running microgame series. 

The company revealed this during today’s Nintendo Direct, highlighting the unique ways players can use two Joy-Con (and body movement) to complete microgames. One example shows a player using Joy-Con to balance Mario sliding in Super Mario 64. There’s also plenty of first-person Wario action as well, with one microgame showing Wario trying to break out of what appears to be a jail cell. 

As you’d expect, WarioWare: Move It features a very unique, albeit strange, art style. Plus, it features two-player local co-op and a special Party Mode that allows up to four players to play various microgames together. 

WarioWare: Move It hits Switch on November 3. 

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