Warzone 2 Is Bringing Back The 1v1 Gulag

Good news for the Warzone players who want to get a bit more personal with their enemies, as Infinity Ward and Raven Software have announced that Warzone 2 is bringing back the 1v1 Gulag for the game's second season. This will replace the current 2v2 Gulag that many players have criticized since the game’s release.

The original Gulag quickly became one of Warzone’s most popular features. After falling on the battlefield, two players were transported to a small arena where they were given the opportunity to battle their way back to the game. It was a brutal contest of wits and skill. Or, if you play Warzone like I do, it was more a test of how fast you can run and how quickly you can mash that attack button when surprised in the dark.

For Warzone 2, the Gulag system got a bit of an overhaul. Instead of a 1v1 faceoff, when players entered the Gulag they were paired with another player for a 2v2 match. The additional players meant that the map got expanded, eliminating some of the adrenaline of the original. Plus, often players argued that they were teamed up with another player that didn’t communicate well, leaving them at a disadvantage. Oh, and they added a minigun-wielding jailer to deal with as well, which was a bit of a hat on a hat.

According to GameSpot, it is unclear if the revert back to the 1v1 Gulag will also eliminate the larger map and the gun-wielding NPC. However, the developer promises that more news on the changes will be made available in the coming week. Speaking of the Season 2 update, it looks like players will need to wait a little longer for it as Activision recently confirmed that the release has been pushed until February 15.

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