Warzone 2 Players Are Using A Unique Tactic To Win Gulag Fights

Warzone 2 players have a lot to deal with. If they aren't getting shadowbanned for no apparent reason, or randomly exploding in choppers, or still stuck in the menu thanks to the confusing UI, they have to deal with cheaters. And if it's none of that, they have to come face to face with the worst of it all, actually skilled players. Thankfully, Warzone 2 allows you to respawn via the Gulag system if one of these skilled players takes you out. But only god can help you if they follow you there too.

It appears that some of these skilled players have figured out a way to give themselves an edge should they happen to find themselves in the Gulag. As showcased by acensight (thanks, GameRant) on TikTok, this method involves dropping a smoke bomb near the crate as soon as you spawn. Now that you're concealed, you can climb on top of the crate and vault onto the wooden beam above it. You'll now have a clear vantage point while your enemies are still confused. You can then mark them for your teammates or take them out yourself.

However, looking at the comments reveals that players are now getting smart to this strategy. Since it leaves one player entirely open, this maneuver is clearly high risk – high reward. So, the next time you find yourself in the Warzone Gulag and see a smoke bomb go off, aim for where the wooden beam would ideally be.

Speaking of skilled players, performing 360 no-scopes is nothing compared to what one Warzone player tried to pull off with the help of proximity chat. Jon Schaefer decided to use proximity chat and the Xbox's voice command to their benefit. When he was within voice chatting range of another player, he yelled “Xbox, turn off”. It's unclear if this worked or was just a coincidence, but a notification popped up at the exact time, saying that a player has left.

Schaefer even tried to chat with the player in question again, and got no response. However, no one has yet been able to recreate this feat, so it's unclear if it is actually possible.

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