Warzone Is Finally Getting Zombies

That’s right, Zombies are finally coming to Warzone. If you don’t know your history (see what we did there), Treyarch was the developer that originally introduced the world to the Zombies minigame that turned into its own re-animated animal. Now, we are getting a new twist on an old classic.

Way back in 2008, what is widely considered to be the first installment of the Black Ops franchise—World at War—players could fight Nazi zombies for as long as they and their team could survive. The rest is history. From that simple mini-game came an entire alternate storyline complete with time travel. With Treyarch once again taking the reigns on the Call of Duty franchise, they are—of course—reimagining zombies.

The leakers at the Twitter handle @ModernWarzone are now able to tell us what multiplayer modes are coming to Warzone in the coming weeks and months. Let us be the first to say, the Zombies mode on Warzone is going to be an instant classic.

One of the zombie variants is said to be a game mode many of us are familiar with, but with some added flavor. This mode will pit zombies against survivors as usual, except that zombies can allegedly return to their human state by consuming the hearts of fallen players. Imagine playing zombies mode on Verdansk at night.

This leak was one of the biggest that we have ever seen for Call of Duty, and it has a lot of information packed into it. It is nice to see that zombies are going to make their way back into the Call of Duty universe in a fresh and different way. The idea of having a massive open-world PvP zombie survival game variant in Call of Duty is—to completely understate it—one of the most exciting things about the upcoming changes.

For old-school gamers who have been following the Call of Duty franchise since the mid-2000s, all of this news is incredibly satisfying. Not does it look like we are getting the sequel that Black Ops 1 deserved, but we are getting zombies back in a way that is going to have everyone playing it again. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for these updates. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go back and play World at War for the millionth time.

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