Watch Half-Life: Alyx’s G-Man Have An Existential Crisis In A Talking Heads Music Video

Another day, another G-Man existential crisis. This time though, it’s in the form of an utterly fantastic fan-made music video inspired by Talking Heads’ song Once in a Lifetime from the early ’80s.

We’re not sure exactly what made the creator of this masterpiece think of using this song in particular, but we’re sure glad they did. As far as wacky video game fan renditions of music videos go, it’s probably one of the most accurate ones we’ve come across. It’s like G-Man was made for this. Here it is:

Oh and what’s that? You’re asking for a side-by-side comparison of the G-Man edit and the original? The Trusty Internet has you covered. Check it out below:

This feat of creativity was apparently achieved using Valve’s own Source Filmmaker (SFM) animation program. Valve uses the program to make their own promotional videos, such as Team Fortress 2’s Meet the Team video series. They also made the program available for the community to play around with a few years ago, and it has evidently been put to good use.

Creator CoreyLaddo spent a good four months perfecting this beaut, and it certainly shows. The attention to detail is truly impressive, and the whole thing is really quite hypnotic. And let’s just take another moment to express our appreciation for how great Half-Life: Alyx’s G-Man looks? He’s come a long way since he first sauntered his low-poly self into Gordon’s path back in 1998.

And isn’t it nice to see old G-Man finally get this stuff off his chest? After decades of walking around all put-together and repeatedly adjusting his tie must have been very exhausting.

He’s always been an enigma, never quite giving us clarity around who or what he is. We do know that it was him who delivered the Xen crystal to Black Mesa which subsequently triggered the Resonance Cascade, though. Perhaps his guilt and all that burdensome trans-galactic knowledge became too much for him. We like to think that this is him taking a step back and saying to himself, “My God, what have I done?!”

Source: YouTube

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