Wayward Strand: Where To Find Every Character On Day Three

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The third and final day of Wayward Strand is a big event for the hospital. The staff have been preparing all weekend for a government VIP to visit, potentially with some serious grant money on the line. No matter where you go, you'll hear about it – the visit is the biggest thing to happen at the hospital since it opened!

If you want to make sure you see all the major events of the day, or would prefer to stay out of the way, this guide shows where everybody goes and when on Casey's last day of helping out.

Talking to Casey and interacting with other characters can sometimes cause NPCs to arrive at their destinations later than normal. For this reason, all the times listed in this guide are approximate.

This guide contains spoilers.


The day begins at 8:30, though the opening cutscene eats up a minute or two. At the start of the day:

  • Ruth is at the nurses' station, and Lily is on her way there.
  • Joe and Tomi are in Tomi's room, but the door is closed.
  • Mr. Avery and Esther are still asleep in their respective rooms.
  • Dr. Bouchard is in her room, and does not go anywhere else.
  • Mr. Pruess is at the cafeteria window, and Ted is on his way to meet him.
  • Ida is in the abandoned crew quarters, which is only accessible if Ted it to you on either of the previous days.


  • Joe arrives at the nurses' station.
  • Ted sits down to read Mr. Pruess his morning paper.
  • Lily calls Devin on the intercom to relay the VIP's lunch order.


  • Ted finishes reading the newspaper and returns Mr. Pruess to the window, then leaves for his next shuttle run.


  • Ida breaks a window in the abandoned crew quarters.
  • Joe arrives at the cafeteria to bring Mr. Pruess back to his room.
  • Tomi leaves her room and starts walking toward the lounge.
  • Lily discovers that Ida is not in her room.


  • Joe drops off Mr. Pruess in his room.
  • Tomi arrives in the lounge and plays a record, then starts cutting up one of the books on the shelf. If you listen closely, you can hear her quietly humming to herself.


  • Mr. Pettigrew catches Tomi destroying the book.


  • Joe starts walking Tomi back to her room.
  • Mr. Pettigrew asks Lily for a status update at the nurses' station, then goes toward his office.


  • Joe drops Tomi off in her room, then returns to the nurses' station.


  • Ted finds Ida in the abandoned crew quarters.
  • Joe starts making his way to Mr. Pruess's room.


  • Joe drops Mr. Pruess off in the cafeteria. If Casey is nearby, he asks her to stay with the patient.
  • Lily finds Esther unresponsive in her room and calls for assistance.
  • Ida starts heading back to her room.


  • Ted leaves the abandoned crew quarters to pick up the VIP at the shuttle dock.
  • Joe and Dr. Shen rush Esther to the operating room; none of them will be available to speak with for several hours.


  • Lily arrives in the cafeteria.
  • Ida leaves her room to pick up Tomi for lunch.
  • Mr. Pettigrew paces in front of the nurses' station in anticipation of the VIP's arrival.
  • Mr. Avery wakes up and goes to the nurses' station.


  • Devin finishes the special dish Mr. Pettigrew requested for the VIP.
  • Ted arrives at the nurses' station to report that the VIP is a no-show.


Sunday afternoon serves as a dénouement for all the game's storylines up to this point. It will take several playthroughs to see everything, but it's worth it!


  • Mr. Pettigrew returns to his office and makes some phone calls to find out why the VIP never arrived.
  • Mr. Avery shuts himself in his room.
  • Ruth calls the nurses' station from her office to update the staff.
  • Ida and Tomi sit down for lunch in the cafeteria.


  • Ruth leaves her office and returns to the General Ward.
  • Lily goes to check on Mr. Avery, then thinks better of it.


  • Lily calls Devin from the nurses' station to request a meal for Mr. Avery, then goes to the cafeteria to get it for him.


  • Lily leaves Mr. Avery's room, and he starts eating his lunch at his desk.
  • A young woman named Agnete arrives via the elevator and goes to the nurses' station to sign in.


  • Lily brings Agnete to the cafeteria, where she sits with Ida and Tomi.
  • Mr. Avery leaves his room to chat with Devin at the cafeteria intercom.


  • Mr. Avery sees Agnete in the cafeteria and goes to the nurses' station to ask about her.


  • Mr. Avery returns to his room after finding out about Esther.
  • Ida, Tomi, and Agnete finish eating.
  • Esther is returned to the recovery room.


  • Joe returns to the nurses' station and updates Lily on Esther's condition.
  • Mr. Avery goes toward the recovery room to look in on Esther.
  • Tomi returns to her room with Agnete and Ida.


  • Joe returns Mr. Pruess to his room.
  • Mr. Pettigrew chats with Mr. Pruess, then goes to see Dr. Bouchard in her room.
  • Ida returns to her room.


  • Mr. Pettigrew storms out of Dr. Bouchard's room and goes toward his office.


  • Ruth pages Casey, asking to meet her in the lounge. This scene is mandatory, but the clock stops during the conversation.
  • Afterward, you can eavesdrop on Ruth and Dr. Shen in their office.
  • Joe returns to the nurses' station and chats with Lily.


  • Joe goes to the break room to get some rest.
  • Dr. Shen visits the nurses' station to talk with Lily.
  • Ruth orders tea for Ida at the cafeteria intercom.


  • Lily starts bringing flowers to the patients' rooms.
  • Dr. Shen arranges in-home care for Dr. Bouchard at the nurses' station with Ted and Lily.
  • Ruth returns to her office.


  • Mr. Avery visits Esther in the recovery room.
  • Ted goes back to the abandoned crew quarters to work on his comic.
  • Dr. Shen is in her office. If you asked Ruth to arrange an interview on Day Two, you can speak with the doctor now.


  • Joe debriefs Esther about her surgery, then brings her back to her room.


  • Ruth and Dr. Shen close Dr. Bouchard's door to tell her that home care is an option.
  • Joe returns to the nurses' station.


  • Ruth visits Esther in her room, followed immediately by Ida.
  • Lily orders Mr. Pruess's dinner and brings it to him.


  • Lily chats with Mr. Pruess as she gives him dinner in his room.


  • Mr. Pettigrew talks to Joe at the nurses' station.
  • Mr. Avery, Lily, and Mr. Pruess visit Esther in her room.


  • Agnete leaves Tomi's room, heading toward the nurses' station to sign herself out.
  • Mr. Avery chats with Esther in her room.
  • Ida and Mr. Pruess chat in the downstairs hallway.


  • Joe and Lily have a conversation at the nurses' station.


  • Agnete stops by Ida's room on her way out for a quick chat.


  • Ruth tells Casey to say her goodbyes, ending the day.

At this point, you can visit as many or as few characters as you like to bid them farewell. Once you're done, leave the hospital to see the final cutscene and finish the game!

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