Weekend Hot Topic, part 1: Your most-played multiplayer game

GameCentral readers reveal the multiplayer games they’ve played the most, from Destiny to Monster Hunter.

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Xane, who asked what multiplayer game you’ve played the most overall, including the same game on different formats. Do you still play it to this day and how good do you rate yourself at it?

We plenty of different answers, from all eras of gaming, with a mix between older games that have appeared on multiple formats, such as Tetris, and more modern games as a service titles like Rainbow Six Siege.


Days of gameplay

It’s got to be Call Of Duty, but exactly which one is difficult to say. I don’t think any of the game log how long you play, but if they did I wouldn’t dare to look anyway. Besides it’d probably be either Modern Warfare 1 or 2, and I can’t check as I don’t have my Xbox 360 anymore. I did buy the remaster of the first one though, and am hoping for the second one, and have spent what must be days of gameplay on that as well, even after all this time.

I’d say it was probably 2 overall that I played the most. That game seemed to be the pinnacle of the series to me and while they’re still good, and I do buy most new ones, the magic has slowly faded over the years. I’ve got worse at them too, just with a lack of time to practice and age. The greatest tip to being good at Call Of Duty is just to be a teenager. After all, there’s a reason it looks like most eSports champions haven’t even started shaving yet.

I’m not bitter though, as I had fun when I was that age and I’d still say I was above average now. Experience counts almost as much as reactions and I know some of those games like the back of my hand.


Through the years

I always like the Hot Topics were I don’t have any immediately obvious answer and this is one of them. I’ve played a lot of multiplayer games over the years, of course, but which I’ve spent the most time on I’m not sure I could actually say. I think it’s probably Tetris though. I played that game almost non-stop on the Game Boy when I was a kid and I still play it today on my phone and on Tetris 99 on the Switch. I’m also jealous I don’t have access to play Tetris Effect in VR.

I’m glad the game has had a resurgence recently as it really is an almost perfect design that I can’t ever imagine not being fun. Especially as they always seem able to find new twists on the formula and new ways to present it.

As for how good I am at it, I’d say pretty good. I’ve one a couple of times in Tetris 99 and I have to admit I felt pretty proud about that. Although the problem with games is that you think you’ve reach a certain respectable level and then you find out there are pros playing at a level that just makes you look like a chump.


Anytime, anywhere

I assume you’re after a specific game rather than a whole series but the most obvious answer to this for me is to just say ‘Mario Kart’ in general. The king of all multiplayer games as far as I’m concerned, because you can play it with anyone, anywhere and it doesn’t matter how much experience they’ve had with it you can still have some fun.

As to which one I’d say it’s probably between Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart Wii, and Mario Kart 8. I think it’s probably the SNES original, simply because I had infinite time for it as a kid and no sense of the passage of time. But depending on how long the Switch lasts it could well end up being Mario Kart 8 as the portability makes it even more perfect for whipping out for an impromptu rooftop party.

I would say I am pretty good at the game. I have had plenty of practice after all, but as everyone knows Mario Kart is a great leveller and while I have a better chance than a novice of winning that old blue shell of death has ruined many a guaranteed win.
PS: I have never actually been to a rooftop party.


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League of its own

Oh, good question. I’m going to go with probably Rocket League. It’s difficult to tell though as god knows how long I spent on some games as a kid – Super Cars 2 was never off of my Amiga – but I suspect I’ve spent longer on Rocket League by now.

I started when the game was free with PS Plus and fell in love instantly and have played it ever since. I even bought it play on the go on my Switch, and was very happy to pay some money beyond just the odd bit of DLC.

The funny thing is though I wouldn’t say I was particularly good or anything. I’m above average, I think, but not some kind of grandmaster. That sort of thing never bothers me though. I play it relax and have some fun and it’s always done exactly that for me.


Worlds apart

At first I wasn’t sure whether World Of Warcraft counted for this but I think it totally does. MMO does stand for massively multiplayer online game after all, in which case I’ve been playing the game since 2006 and have logged… well, let’s just say it’s thousands of hours and leave it at that.

It’s generally not a game you compete with other people in but instead co-operate and for me that’s how I prefer it. I really have no interest in competitive gaming, in any sense, but I do love the idea of playing a game with another people and for me Warcraft is the ultimate expression of that.

You not only get to fight together in raids and the like but you also get to just kick back and explore or mess around with friends. Despite how old it is in terms of graphics and everything I find it’s the best example of feeling like you’re experiencing a complete virtual world instead of just a video game.


Constant improvement

I honestly think it might be Rainbow Six Siege, even though that’s a current gen game and I shouldn’t have that much time on my hands. It also pretty much the only game I play nowadays though and I really can’t imagine myself stopping anytime soon.

The job Ubisoft has done supporting it and building it up has been top notch and like nothing I’ve seen with any other game. It just keeps getting better and better and while some people may think it seems weird to say there’ll never be a sequel I completely understand why. Why start again when you can just constantly improve?

The game obviously makes its money as it is so there’s no need to trot out a new disc just as a crash grab and I appreciate that. So yeah, it may end up being the only game I need for the foreseeable future.


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Multiplayer or not

By virtue of being the game that I played the most, Destiny is also the multiplayer game I have played more than any others. The vast majority of the multiplayer I played on Destiny was co-operative, which I played with a combination of mates and a clan I joined. This social element was one of the reasons I played it so much.

I was competent at the co-operative elements and completed all of the Raids and other challenges against the enemies. Survival was a key skill to most of these tests and figuring out how to approach them safely was something I was good at.

I was pretty rubbish at the competitive multiplayer element though, as that requires actual skill, which is something I lack, and my reactions are not what they once were either.

Since I stopped playing Destiny 2 I have not played any competitive multiplayer games but did play quite a lot of Monster Hunter: World with one of my mates.


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