What Your MultiVersus Main Says About You

It’s safe to say that the new and wacky fighting game MultiVersus is absolutely sweeping the fighting game scene right now. With it being free-to-play, the game has managed to find a huge fanbase that’s always dreamed of punching the daylights out of people like Shaggy and LeBron James, while also managing to look good by taunting the entire time.

Just like other video games, many people have selected the character that they mainly play as. Maybe you relate to a specific character, think they’re really cool, or maybe you just have an undying crush on Harley Quinn, but whatever the reason, you’ve found a character you love. Everyone should know by now that picking a character says a lot more about them than they may think.

10 Shaggy

As a Shaggy fan it's likely that you love memes. It’s okay, everyone does to some degree, but you love them just a little bit more don’t you? You know you aren’t just playing as Shaggy, you’re playing as Ultra-Instinct Shaggy. I get it. Shaggy’s powerful.

Like zoinks man, how is anyone going to stand up to the incredible power of Shaggy once he powers up his flying kick? You know you’re a Shaggy player if you started reading that in your best Shaggy impression as soon as you saw the word zoinks.

9 LeBron James

People that pick up LeBron James as their main definitely watch sports more often than they play those wacky sports video games. It’s likely that LeBron’s inclusion is the entire reason you picked up MultiVersus in the first place, despite him being quite tricky to use.

You love dunking on fools, but you just can’t stop getting stomped by that Bugs Bunny player. Much like LeBron, you want all the glory to yourself, so you probably queue up solo games with a character that seems tailor-made for duos.

8 Wonder Woman

As a Wonder Woman pain you’re usually way too into competitive gaming. Forget the fact that Wonder Woman is absolutely nothing more than a mid-tier character, the best of the best managed to win EVO with her, so she must be great, right?

That’s exactly it. The best players in the world thrived with Wonder Woman, but it’s much tougher for the average person to do the same. You can channel all your girl-boss energy into her, but that doesn’t make her any easier to get the hang of at high levels.

7 Batman

It’s actually shocking how rare it is for Batman to be included in any kind of fighting game, especially considering he’s seen as one of the most brutal fighters in fiction. Still, you like going with the safest option, and you know if you pick him, you’re ready to break some bones while looking badass.

Why bother learning a character like Reindog or Steven Universe? Those are boring support characters. You need to dive headfirst into the action while putting on your best gruff voice and whispering to yourself, “I’m Batman.”

6 Velma

So, you don’t want anyone near you. That's ok, we feel you. Velma is capable of keeping people at bay incredibly effectively and it doesn't matter which mode you queue up in, you’re going to dominate the field.

You’ll be so far from everyone while dishing out the punishment that it’ll look like everyone else is busy looking for your glasses for you. There’s no need to split up and look for clues because you already have them all, the games over, you’ve won.

5 Superman

No doubt you were a DC Comics fan growing up. Flipping through the pages of an old Superman comic will bring you more joy than anyone will ever know, and playing through MultiVersus lets you create your own tales.

Who needs to wonder what would happen if Superman was up against the strongest being in the universe, Ultra-Instinct Shaggy, when you could play it? There’s no shame in losing to a Shaggy player as Superman… Okay, maybe there’s a little shame, but you almost had the win when you spammed that side-special all game.

4 Arya Stark

The thing about Arya Stark players is that it says one of two things. You either have no idea what you’re doing and just like Game of Thrones, or you love making games as difficult as possible. Game Of Thrones fans probably gave the game a shot just for Arya, only to learn she’s tough to use.

Those that chose her knowing she was difficult to play were ready for that challenging learning curve. You’ve conquered Dark Souls, XCOM, and Cuphead with ease, and now it’s time to become a top Arya player, and we all know you have what it takes.

3 Reindog

Reindog fans love rooting for the little guy. Sure, you could have picked any of the pop-culture icons that are featured in the game, but that just wouldn’t be true to you now would it? You picked Reindog to give an often ignored character a shot.

It might be an original creation of the development team, but that doesn’t make it any less special. Going into both solos and free-for-alls is always a pain, but that’s fine, the game seems mostly focused on the duos mode, so that’s all you need. Make it rain… dog.

2 Iron Giant

So, you’re nostalgic, we get it. Picking up any of the superheroes or the modern cartoon characters is the easy option. The brave option is to remember shedding a tear in your childhood while watching the Iron Giant, and picking the massive character.

You immediately make yourself a huge target regardless of the mode you choose, but you’ve got all those memories dang it! He may only have one or two moves that ever seem somewhat effective, and you spend more time as a punching bag than fighting, but we all know souls don’t die.

1 Bugs Bunny

You’re chaotic neutral. Why would you want to have a nice, simple, clean fight when you could make things as difficult as possible? Projectiles flying in every direction, popping in and out of holes, that jumping kick, the entire game is a Bugs players’ world.

He may have been nerfed a bit recently, but that hasn’t put a halt to the frightening power of Bugs Bunny. Just when you think you’re about to land a solid KO on Bugs, the unthinkable happens, and he takes the rest of your stocks. That’s what’s up doc.

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