Which Character From The Quarry Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Supermassive Games is on a roll with its growing library of brilliantly written interactive narrative horror titles, each offering a unique setting and a superb assortment of characters you're bound to relate to. The Quarry tells an original story separate from their Dark Pictures series that puts a modern spin on a retro summer camp horror adventure.

Hackett's Quarry is where the last day of camp horror festivities ensue, and you'll be playing as various characters from a mixed bunch of counselors, all trying to escape a monstrous evil with mysterious ties to the Hackett family. And some align closer to your zodiac than you may initially believe.

Some spoilers ahead.

12/12 Aquarius – Dylan Lenivy

Dylan Lenivy is the charismatic camp DJ at Hackett's Quarry that represents the Aquarius sign in a number of ways. First, he's someone who is very quick-witted, cracking a rapid-fire joke in almost every interaction he has. His fellow counselor Ryan even mentioned that his "wit knows no bounds."

Aquarians are known for their independence, often involving risky situations and wanting things done their way. Dylan shows this side when he snoops around Chris Hackett's office and is firm about keeping the rifle. But they're also good friends who have your back, as Dylan does when he acts as Nick's wingman for helping Abi with the bags.

11/12 Pisces – Ryan Erzahler

Speaking of Ryan, he's the Pisces of the group because of his strong sense of intuition and reputation for always being alone and more introverted. In the early part of the game, he's always escaping into the mystery and horror of his podcast, which fuels his imagination for telling ghost stories.

Ryan's intuition is noticeable when he can read through the angst owner Chris Hackett has in urging all of them to leave and believes something terrible will happen from the start. He's not one for breaking the rules or going out of his comfort zone, either.

10/12 Aries – Laura Kearney

The qualities of Aries are often that they are curious, determined, enthusiastic, and unafraid, and each of these pertain to Laura Kearney. She's the first character you get to play as, and immediately displays her curiosity and tremendous courage in entering a dark forest in an unknown location to help someone.

Laura is determined to be one of the first to arrive at Hackett's Quarry, ignoring a police officer's warning to spend the night at a motel and go the following morning. Her curiosity also sets terrible things into motion when she and her boyfriend break into a locked room at the camp.

9/12 Taurus – Chris Hackett

As the summer camp owner responsible for the wellbeing of the campers and counselors, horror icon David Arquette's Chris Hackett seems to align with the Taurus sign, which includes getting himself far away from the group and into chains, so his werewolf form is of no threat to anyone.

He has his son and daughter, werewolves Caleb and Kaylee, to whom he is a devoted parent, and some of that warm parental sentiment is present in his interaction with Ryan. But Chris can also be pretty adamant about matters, such as having the counselors all leave the premises.

8/12 Gemini – Jacob Custos

As typical with Geminis, there are two sides to counselor and sports coach Jacob Custos. On the one hand, he seems like a stereotypical jock that comes off as a bully toward a character like Ryan with his behavior and distasteful jokes. On the other, he's quite a sensitive guy who cares deeply for Emma and worries about saving their relationship.

Beneath all the seriousness, Jacob is always down to have a party and enjoy a fun time with his peers, especially when he deceives everyone into staying another night on the grounds due to his tampering with the van.

7/12 Cancer – Constance Hackett

The devoted matriarch of the Hackett family with an extremely moody and emotional demeanor makes Constance a quintessential Cancer. Her strong emotion grips her when she hears news that her werewolf granddaughter Kaylee has been killed, causing her to lash out at her son Travis.

Those of the Cancer sign develop a closeness to their family and care deepest about them, which is Constance's whole world. Her will to protect her loved ones and the lengths she will go to are what eventually may lead to her demise.

6/12 Leo – Emma Mountebank

Hackett Quarry's theater coach and vlogger Emma Mountebank lines up with the leadership and creativity traits of a Leo. She's always acting in character and creating a persona for her subscribers. Like Dylan, she uses humor by poking fun at her friend Abi for being shy and not seizing opportunities to ask out her crush.

Emma's constant need for attention and her self-centered personality of caring more about her content to attract more followers exhibits the negative qualities of Leo. It's also important to her that she stays relevant and gets talked about.

5/12 Virgo – Abigail Blyg

Virgo best represents the character Abigail Blyg, with the most prominent factor being that she's incredibly shy and has an immense talent for art. From the moment you meet Abigail, she's hard at work putting the finishing touches on a new drawing in her sketchbook.

And when she's not making art for pleasure, she's teaching it to campers as their designated art tutor. Abigail also remains a loyal friend to Emma despite occasionally being picked on by her for her shyness, and her stroll with Nick in the woods conveys she's a lover of animals and nature.

4/12 Libra – Travis Hackett

Everything points to Libra for Travis Hackett. He's the least chaotic member of the Hackett clan, and always tries his best to ensure peace and prosperity for everyone involved in this unfortunate situation. He's initially portrayed as a creepy figure but is cooperative with the counselors in wanting to keep them and his family safe.

Libra possesses diplomatic qualities and a sense of justice, which come naturally to Travis from his background as a sheriff, and it permeates into his family dynamic as he does his best to manage their different emotions and temperaments.

3/12 Scorpio – Eliza Vorez

Eliza Vorez was once part of the freakshow attraction that burned down and is the mother of Silas, the original werewolf that started it all. Her role is much like the psychiatrist from Until Dawn, but she has the power to see the future and shares yours from the tarot cards you can collect throughout each chapter.

The tarot readings in this game are dark and ominous reveals, so the fact Eliza doesn't shy away from them and has this power as a job plays directly into Scorpio. She also demonstrates her patience and manipulation in steering you toward carrying out her revenge on the Hackett family.

2/12 Sagittarius – Max Brinly

Ever the optimist and making light out of any horrible situation, such as swerving his car off the road and landing in a ditch, Max Brinly shows distinct signs of the Sagittarius. And his knack for adventure by traveling to the Quarry a day early with his girlfriend Laura is what ultimately lands them in their mess.

A weakness of Sagittarians is their tendency to overpromise, which Max suffers from. A good example is his promise of getting himself and Laura to the campsite in the middle of the night without a hitch and his ability to read a map.

1/12 Capricorn – Kaitlyn Ka

Capricorns make excellent leaders, and Kaitlyn does a good job of being one for the group during their harrowing night of survival. Even in the most stressful situations that arise, she is resolute and makes responsible decisions, like refusing to give Jacob the rifle when they have two injured to defend.

She likes to keep things realistic, and is a brutally honest person who tells it like it is, especially in her playful conversations with Jacob. Kaitlyn's known Jacob Custos since they were small, and he's become like a brother to her, so she's very faithful to their bond.

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