Which Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a huge game with many places to explore and just as many characters to meet. The characters in this game are just as vibrant and full of personality as the world itself, making for some interesting encounters with them — there are even character-based side quests that you’ll want to seek out.

Naturally, with so many characters abound, there are sure to be some that fall into the traditional archetypes of the western zodiac. There are more characters in the story than there are zodiac signs, but these are the characters that most represent the key 12 sun signs.

12 Aries (March 21 — April 19): Ethel

The ram of the zodiac and a fire sign, Aries is known for being bold, brash and confident. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries leads the wheel using a steadfast approach. These traits are similar to that of the brave Colony 4 commander, Ethel.

Revered in her colony and by her second-in-command, Bolearis, Ethel is an ambitious commander who leads her people with pride. But, as well as being a well-respected leader, Ethel isn’t afraid to get into a brawl herself, and has a fiery rivalry with the commander of Colony Delta, Cammaravi.

11 Taurus (April 20 — May 20): Eunie

Represented by the oxen, those born under the Taurus sign are infamous for their stubbornness (even if they themselves believe it’s just strong dedication). However, there’s a softer side to Taurus that they tend to hide under their tough and loyal demeanour.

Eunie easily fits this description. She would lay down her life for her friends, but she’s not afraid to call them out, either, and she certainly would never back down in an argument. She also has a rather endearing hobby: collecting Fourtune Clovers, a rare flower.

10 Gemini (May 21 — June 20): Mio

Gemini is an air sign represented by the twins of the zodiac, though you’d be mistaken to assume this means they’re too faced. In fact, Geminis tend to wear their hearts on their sleeve and are all about open communication. Usually possessing a variety of creative pursuits, they’re playful, curious, and love to spark up a conversation with anyone.

Mio is a creative; she writes down her thoughts and feelings about the party’s adventure in her diary and plays the flute as an off-seer, harbouring the feelings of those who have been lost. Though she feels guilt about Miyabi’s sacrifice for her, she’s determined to do the best with what she’s been given. (She can also use the move Gemini Strike, if that wasn’t enough.)

9 Cancer (June 21 — July 22): Zeon

A water sign headed by the crab, Cancers are sensitive and intuitive when it comes to their surroundings. Perhaps the reason for their heighten emotions, they tend to be able to sense the energies of the people and places around them. Despite this, they also have a bit of a hardened exterior, not too dissimilar to the crab’s outer shell.

As the commander of Colony 9, Zeon is sensitive to the needs of his people. They’re experiencing a food shortage, and Zeon heavily empathises with them. Beyond this, if Zeon is in your party while you’re traversing the world, he’ll comment on the state of the land, seemingly saddened if it’s too infertile to grow crops. Still, Zeon puts on a brave face in front of his soldiers, and to protect the colony.

8 Leo (July 23 — August 22): Lanz

Just as you’d expected from a fire sign represented by a lion, Leos are fierce, confident and full of life. They’re outspoken and love the spotlight, but they also care deeply for their friends and will often pour all their passion into their friendships.

Not one to be outshone, especially in terms of strength, Lanz fits the Leo sign. Though he’s known to be reckless and take risks without thinking, he is fiercely loyal to his friends, often acting as Noah’s protector and guard, and not just because that’s his role as a Defender.

7 Virgo (August 23 — September 22): Taion

Perfectionists in every sense of the word, Virgos are earth signs who value practicality, logic and a well-thought-out approach. They’re also a supportive sign, helping friends work through their problems by providing tactical solutions and logical advice.

Sound familiar? Taion is a tactician, so thinking logically comes with the job description. Whenever the party plans to make a move, he’s the first to recommend thinking it through thoroughly before they take action. However, he also uses his analytical thinking to help others, such as when Eunie needed support after discovering her past.

6 Libra (September 23 — October 22): Juniper

Represented by the scales, Libras naturally strive for balance. These air signs seek harmony in their friendships and communities, but this can also make them people pleasers. Libras are very perceptive too, and are able to see situations from multiple points of view.

Juniper, the commander of Colony Tau, certainly fits these traits. Colony Tau itself is an unusual colony — it’s been abandoned by the Agnus nation and the people have been left to fend for themselves. Arguably, Juniper and their people are one of (if not the) only colonies to live in balance with nature, farming and hunting for their survival. Juniper doesn’t fear the Flame Clock, and believes that they and their people will “return to the earth”, as part of life’s balance. Juniper still listens to Noah’s point of view, though, and asks him to destroy their Flame Clock.

5 Scorpio (October 23 — November 21): Sena

Full of passion and strength, Scorpio is a water sign, though many mistakenly label it as a fire sign because of its intensity. Scorpios are known for being tough and a little stinging (thanks to being represented by the scorpion), but they’re also highly emotional and brave. Their independence can sometimes be their downfall.

Sena is strong in more ways than one: she has incredible physical strength, but her emotional strength is nothing to scoff at, either. Prior to joining the party and meeting Mio, Sena was somewhat of a loner, dedicating her time to her training. She put on a brave front, but we soon see that Sena was lonely, and needed Mio to bring her out of her shell and help her to become a team player. She’s still pretty reserved throughout the story, but her strength is never questioned.

4 Sagittarius (November 22 — December 21): Ashera

As a fire sign, Sagittarius is perhaps the fieriest of the bunch. Their headstrong spirit propels them forward, and they’re thrill-seekers who love nothing more than an adventure to get their heart pumping and adrenaline rising.

There’s no other character in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 who’s more befitting of this description than Ashera. When you first meet this brazen hero, she asks you to fight against her own soldiers. She’s not known as a “suicidal maniac” for no reason — there’s no danger that Ashera wouldn’t throw herself headfirst in.

3 Capricorn (December 22 — January 19): Isurd

Capricorns are practical and confident, inspiring those around them with their great ambition. This earth sign is also known to stand tall in the face of adversity and keep going when others might retreat with their tail between their legs.

As the commander of Colony Lambda, Isurd has been through a lot. Losing Nimue was a tough blow for him and Taion, but Isurd’s resilience supported them both. Isurd is also a great inspiration for Taion — he looks up to this commander as a leader and a friend.

2 Aquarius (January 20 — February 18): Noah

Aquarians are well-known for being humanitarians who seek to create change and protect the world around them, and are naturally rebellious as a result. However, this can also be their downfall: they care so deeply for the world, that they become aloof and distant from those they’re close to.

As the protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Noah desires to change the world for the better — to make a world without Flame Clocks and Consuls, where people are free to be human. His focus on this task has led to some disputes in the party, however, such as when Lanz was unsettled after seeing Joran again, and Noah sternly told him to only look forward to the future. Aquarius and Leo are sister signs, though, making these two closer friends than most.

1 Pisces (February 19 — March 20): Fiona

Pisces are dreamers and intensely empathetic. Because of their empathy, they can be sensitive, but this also makes them strongly compassionate and caring. Their kindness is known by all, but they can also become disillusioned by their positivity and optimism towards others.

Fiona is one of the youngest commanders across all the game’s colonies, and she’s also one of the most sensitive and tender-hearted. When upset, her tears come fast, and she’s extremely affectionate towards her people in the colony. However, her kindness also made her blind to a deep betrayal within her ranks — even when all is revealed, her empathy is unrivalled.

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