Why PlayStation Dumped Its Iconic Colors For The DualSense Buttons

PlayStation’s senior art director has explained why the DualSense’s buttons don’t adhere to the same color scheme Sony has used for the past 26 years.

As is implied by its name, the PS5 is the 5th major console to be released by PlayStation. Sony has taken a very “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach in the past when it comes to its consoles. With only one of its major consoles failing to break the 100 million units sold threshold so far, it makes sense that PlayStation wouldn’t ever want to mess with its formula too much.

Which is why it came as quite a surprise when the first images of the PS5 and its accompanying DualSense controller were released. Other than the original PlayStation, every one of its consoles has been black. None of them have been white like the PS5, nor have they been anywhere near as big as the monster that is the next-gen console. However, the DualSense controller is the biggest step away from what is familiar about PlayStation.

PlayStation appears to have hit a home run by taking a risk in this way too. Almost all of the feedback regarding the DualSense has been positive so far. That’s largely down to its innovative haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. It’s color scheme and design is incredibly different when compared to its predecessors, right down to PlayStation’s four iconic buttons.

PlayStation has become synonymous with those four iconic buttons. X, square, circle, and triangle. In the past, they have been colored blue, pink, red, and green. However, on the DualSense, they have been left grey. PlayStation’s senior art director Yujin Morisawa explained the reasoning behind this decision during an interview with The Washington Post, and it’s actually pretty simple.

Morisawa explains that the shapes represent the buttons and what they do, so the colors aren’t needed. “We tried to eliminate what was already there. I wanted to simplify it and make it universal,” Morisawa said. That’s not all PlayStation did to make the DualSense universal. Prior to the PS5, Japanese gamers would press circle to confirm things on-screen. That has now been switched to X like the rest of the world. Morisawa also revealed that the PS5 was originally even bigger than it is now, and he was tasked with reducing its size.

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