Wild Arms And Shadow Hearts Creators Launch "Double Kickstarter" For Two Spiritual Successors

The creators of Wild Arms and Shadow Hearts have launched a joint Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for games called Armed Fantasia and Penny Blood, spiritual successors to both series.

Both games were explained in great detail via a press release shared by RPGSite. Armed Fantasia will be developed by Wild Bunch Productions which includes members that worked on several games in the Wild Arms franchise, like series creator Akifumi Kaneko, character designer Tomomi Sasaki, and composer Michiko Naruke.

Armed Fantasia will take place in a "Westernpunk" world as you follow the story of three Pathfinders on a dangerous quest. After a young man named Ingram loses his grandfather, he sets out from his hometown to find a long lost friend, using powerful weaponry called ARMs to take down enemies across the land of Londenium. It will be a classic turn-based JRPG with a "gigantic" World Map.

Penny Blood is the spiritual successor to the Shadow Hearts series and will be developed by Yukikaze. Just like with the previous developers, Yukikaze includes several key individuals who worked on the Shadow Hearts games, including series creator Matsuzo Machida, character designer Miyako Kato, and composer Yoshitaka Hirota. As an added bonus, Breath of Fire 3 composer Akari Kaida is also on board to help out.

Penny Blood will have you play as an investigator from the 1920s called Matthew Farrell who can take down paranormal creatures due to a strange power inherited from his father. The game will take you to multiple locations across the globe in order to solve the mystery of a strange incident that took place at a mental asylum in New York.

Both developers have started this Kickstarter together and are aiming to raise $750,000 to fund both projects. If you want to donate, the Kickstarter itself can be found here, but keep in mind it doesn't actually open until August 29.

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