Wild Hearts: Sapscourge Boss Fight Guide

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The Sapscourge is a Wood-attribute Kemono in Wild Hearts that uses globs of sap to attack and inhibit its enemies. This is one of the first large Kemono you face, but it can prove a difficult challenge due to the large area and high damage of its attacks.

However, if you prepare accordingly and watch its attacks carefully, you will have no problem taking down this Kemono. Below, we'll take a look at each of the Sapscourge's weaknesses, the best equipment to use to beat it, and some tips for the fight.

Sapscourge – Strengths And Weaknesses

  • Attribute – Wood
  • Soft Parts – Head
  • Attribute Weaknesses – Fire
  • Ailment Weaknesses – Ablaze, Fatigue, Frozen, Entangled
  • Attribute Resistances – Wood, Water, Wind
  • Ailment Resistances – Poison
  • Physical Effectiveness – Slash

The Sapscourge is weakest to the Fire attribute, mainly due to its own Wood attribute. Additionally, its softest body part is its head, which takes the most damage from Slash-based weapons, like the Karakuri Katana and Bladed Wagasa. Targeting the glowing blue spots around its body with your Hunter Arm technique will allow you to draw out Karakuri Thread and create more objects to avoid the Kemono's attacks.

Although the Sapscourge is softest on its head, its tail is particularly weak, and can be cut off quite easily. Focus on its tail to reduce the effectiveness of some of its tail-based attacks, and gain an extra material drop in the process.

Best Equipment To Fight Sapscourge

Due to its Wood attribute, armor that can resist this element will provide the most protection. The Fresh Fern set is a good choice for early on, and only needs a few common materials found around Harugasumi Way to craft. Additionally, Fire attribute weapons will deal the most damage, but these won't be available until later, so stick with your strongest weapon.

If you can't decide on a weapon to use, choose one that deals Slash damage, like the Katana, Nodachi, or Wagasa, as these will have a slight advantage over other weapons against the Sapscourge.

Sapscourge – Fight Breakdown And Moves

The Sapscourge has several large-area attacks, in which it spins or rolls around the battlefield to cover ground, making it difficult to avoid. However, after each attack, it has short openings in which you can attack. Utilize these openings by dodging its attacks, and you will be able to take this Kemono down.

Occasionally, the Sapscourge will curl into a ball and roll around, dealing damage as it moves. This attack can be hard to avoid, but a well-placed Spring Karakuri can get you out of the way fast enough. When the Sapscourge finishes rolling, it will collapse to the ground, leaving a large window for your to counterattack.

One of the Sapscourge's most dangerous attacks is its forward lunge. The Kemono will jump forward, dealing damage and attempting to grab you. If successfull, you will take repeated damage before being thrown to the ground, taking even more damage. If you're grabbed, there's no way to escape the attack, so you better hope you have enough health to survive. Be especially careful when dodging this attack.

Throughout the fight, the Sapscourge will generate and throw globs of sap. These deal damage where they land, but will also coat you in sap if you are hit. While coated in sap, you will be unable to dodge, instead being stunned in place for a moment when pressing the dodge button. Sap will clear on its own over time, or it can be cleared more quickly by repeatedly pressing the dodge button. Keep in mind however, that this will lock you in place, so be sure to be in a safe area before clearing it manually.

Sometimes, when you are in front of the Sapscourge, it will clap, stunning you in place for a few seconds. Then, it will immediately start charging up a large body slam. Luckily, there is just enough time to avoid the body slam after recovering from the stun by quickly pressing the dodge button.

When enraged, sap will pour from the Sapscourge's body, its attacks will be empowered, and it will use new moves. Most importantly is its sap explosion, which deals high damage around itself and launches sap in every direction. Additionally, some of its normal attacks will be modified, such as its roll, which now leaves puddles of sap behind, and the attack will be finished with a huge body slam, instead of the Kemono collapsing.

Dealing enough damage to the Kemono will revert it back to its normal state. The key to this fight is to avoid its sap-based attacks, and learn which of its moves can be safely and effectively countered.

Sapscourge – Drops And Materials

Upon defeat, the Sapscourge will drop some of the following materials. These can be used in conjunction with Ragetail materials to craft the Young Samurai armor set, as well as upgrade various other weapons.

  • Sapscourge Leaf Beard
  • Sapscourge Horn
  • Sapscourge Amber
  • Sapscourge Tail
  • Rare Sapscourge Sap
  • Young Warrior Teardrops
  • Young Warrior Kemono Blood
  • Small Plum Scent Crystal

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