Wild Rift: Mid Lane Champion Tier List

The meta in Wild Rift continues to shift in unique and interesting ways and Patch 2.2a is no exception. While the addition of Rammus won’t change the state of the middle-lane much, some champions will see a shift up or down based on how well they synergize with what’s being played elsewhere on the map.

This list was comprised with Emerald rank and above in mind but many of the champs will work the same no matter what rank you’re playing in. Of course, some champions like Annie who might seem S-tier may (or may not) outrank assassins like Zed.

7 S+ Tier (All Champion Types)

These champions are clearly overpowered in the current state of the game and will likely be prioritized early in the picking phase. Keep in mind that Wild Rift hit almost 3 million downloads in one day, so that’s a lot of players.

Ziggs holds onto a high stock in this patch as control mages don’t seem to be losing their grip on mid-lane anytime soon. Being able to push an enemy player off of their farm or directly into an incoming gank continues to be an excellent style of play in Wild Rift and no one does it better than Ziggs. Add in the ability to harass structures and eventually destroy them with his Satchel Charge ability and Ziggs is indisputably ahead of the pack.

Corki lands in the highest tier due to itemization. The changes to Crystal Sapphire in patch 2.2 boosted his potential to spam abilities in lane and dish out unmatched damage throughout the game. While he largely relies on hitting skill shots and knowing how to position well in team fights, his unique ability to damage frontline champions with his Gatling gun while harassing the backline with his abilities means that Corki can win fights nearly singlehandedly.

6 S- Tier Assassins

The finest laners with which to absolutely steamroll your opponents. Any champion in this tier should be considered extremely valuable due to the current state of the game.

Akali is well-balanced right now and holds onto a place in the A-Tier. While she can be harder to master than the other Assassins, her ability to slip between the enemy team’s fingers is unmatched, and she plays well into some of the more popular picks on this list. Champions like Yasuo and Galio will have a tough time trying to lock down exactly where Akali is coming from making it harder for them to apply the crowd-control necessary to catch up with one of Wild Rift’s shiftiest characters.

Katarina, the infamous Noxian assassin, might be the strongest individual champion right now. Her potential to snowball and take over a game is at an all-time high, and there are no nerfs coming in the immediate future. While she can carve her way through an enemy team in an instant, she still remains susceptible to hard crowd control effects though, meaning there’s still a chance to slow her down with a CC-focused pick like Galio.

5 S- Tier Mages

Galio did see some nerfs on this patch, but his potential is still the same. Applying his unique combination of crowd control, mobility, and entry damage, Galio looks to be an all-around great pick against many of the other popular laners in this patch. For as long as Assassins continue to be a viable pick in mid-lane, Galio will be right there to interrupt any unexpected dives and give your team a serious chance at winning the game.

Orianna is a champion that seems to never leave the upper echelon of the mid-lane. Being one of the best control mages in the game means players who know how to dominate the state of a lane never find much wrong with her. While Ziggs may be a better pick, Orianna isn’t far behind at all and will substitute in for him just fine in any team composition.

Seraphine has slowly been creeping up in popularity and it is easy to see why. She can struggle in the laning phase but once players begin to group up for objectives, Seraphine absolutely shines. There is some debate about where she is most effective but pro players of Wild Rift and League of Legends agree that she belongs in their pool of champions.

4 A-Tier (All Champion Types)

These picks are still very good choices for the lane but lack just a little something when compared to the tiers above them.

Ahri is a great reminder that simplicity is a good thing in some champions. While she has struggled between being a kiting Mage or a plain old Assassin, Ahri remains capable of carrying a game through mobility and absolutely erasing enemy carries off the map. She is vulnerable to ganks from the enemy jungle until level 5, but after learning Spirit Rush, she can play aggressively and begin to take over her lane.

Diana is an excellent pick in the mid-lane. She maneuvers well and, thanks to some recent buffs, her damage output rivals the very best champions on the roster. She hasn’t dominated nearly as hard as Katarina or Akali, but she can absolutely carry a game when played correctly.

Yasuo retains his place as an excellent pick in the mid-lane. While he could arguably be moved into the B-Tier, the sheer number of one-trick Yasuo players means the average skill level is through the roof compared to many other champions. There are a few matchups that make the laning phase difficult but none of them seem to completely stop him from hanging in the game.

3 B-Tier Mages

The champions in B-Tier are better than average but don’t necessarily have the same juice as A-Tier and above.

Lux, Demacia’s Lady of Lumosity, is in an unfortunate situation right now. Much of the game favors champions who excel at getting in the middle of team fights and dealing as much damage as possible. While Lux has a lot of upside in her kit, she favors matchups that aren’t very popular right now and picks that move around the lane well like Akali or Katarina will naturally test Lux’s ability to keep herself alive in lane.

Twisted Fate falls into the B-Tier this patch due mostly to the strength of Galio. They provide a similar impact on the game, but Galio does everything just a hair better than TF. Both champions can be played into many of the same compositions though, so if Galio isn’t an option, the Card Master will slot in perfectly fine as a replacement.

Aurelion Sol’s status as a hyper-pusher makes his place in the META a little confusing. His ability to clear lanes and roam around the map means he over-delivers in team-focused situations but often struggles in one-on-one matchups. Having to choose between delivering a good gank or managing the state of his lane means Sol will always have to make the right decision to be as effective as the non-roaming laners he plays against.

2 B-Tier Assassins

Kennen is a deceptively good pick right now. He has the movement speed to zip around the lane and make himself unpredictable, and his team fight ability ranks amongst the best in the game in terms of sheer damage. His stats are pretty average at the moment, but he plays well into picks such as Akali by being able to place Mark of the Storm on her and doing damage even while she is shrouded, and Yasuo, by constantly poking with auto-attacks and shurikens before dashing away from any incoming tornadoes with his third ability.

Zed is a viable pick for one-trick players, but he doesn’t bring enough to the table to justify a pick over similar champions who are in a better tier. He has some of the same shiftiness as Katarina or Akali and can dominate much in the same way, but they share similar weaknesses meaning every hard crowd control ability is a threat to prematurely end his reign.

1 C-Tier (All Champion Types)

These champions are average at best, often reserved for playing specific matchups or trying to catch your opponent off guard with an unexpected pick.

Fizz is a single target Assassin which is bad news in the current META. While he can be used as a counter-pick into a few specific matchups, there are too many champions who are simply safer to play and offer a bigger edge against the brutal competition of the higher ranks.

Annie simply cannot keep up in the current state of the mid-lane. Any champion that can keep Annie out of range will win the lane fairly easily. Annie should be reserved specifically for countering dive-heavy champions like Katarina or Akali.

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