World Of Warcraft Classic Players Are Stuck In Massive Queues

Those looking to get in on to World of Warcraft are having some difficulty as players are facing horrendous wait times on multiple servers. In fact, the queues are so bad that some players are logging in at midday in order to play around the evening time.

Classic WoW is being affected on two types of servers, with the first affected the long-running ones dating back to when Classic first launched in 2019, to more recent fresh servers (thanks VG247). These latter servers give players a fighting chance as everyone can start playing empty-handed.

Dedicated players have found ways to get in, and it seems to require patience and much idle time. One player that spoke to VG247 said they join early morning and then never leave the game, but they are able to do this since they are currently unemployed. Their top tip was to boot up the game and making sure to move the character every so often to prevent being booted for inactivity.

"Yesterday and the day before there was a 14k queue from like 11am," they said. "So you get yourself up at 12pm, then you get into the game at 8-9pm".

The reasons for these queue times seems partly attributable to the fact that servers like Grobbulus, which has served a large population for some time, and the fresh servers, are more balanced faction-wise. This is advantageous as it allows players to finish raids and participate in world PvP without having to join servers where there are major balance issues. In a game like WoW, keeping groups of players happy and maintaining factional balance can be a struggle.

Whether Activision Blizzard will do anything about the current issue is up in the air, but for many players it is a cause of massive frustration. However, WoW players are not without good cheer and have been taking to Reddit to joke and share in the misery while also giving out tips on less popular servers to get into. Hopefully, the situation improves, but for now, it is advised to practice patience and to get in as early as possible into a server.

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