World Of Warcraft’s Trading Post Gives Players Free Cash And A Great Sale

World of Warcraft has something new today. The Trading Post brings a new way for players to unlock a rotating set of monthly cosmetics, and you can even get most of them right now for doing next to nothing.

The Trading Post is a small stall located in Stormwind and Orgrimmar and accepts Trading Tender as its currency. Players received 500 Trading Tender just for logging in each month, while owners of the Dragonflight expansion can get an additional 500 tender by opening a chest next to the shop. The Trading Post also has a short introductory quest that's automatically given to players and tasks then with talking to a few NPCs and reading a notice posted on the stall. After that, you get another 500 tender.

That's enough to buy 10 out of the 15 items currently up for grabs, as noted by PC Gamer. Item prices range from just 75 tender to 900 tender for the Celestial Steed mount, but getting a bunch of cloaks, bandoliers, and weapon skins for basically logging in ain't bad. Plus, you can get more by completing monthly activities listed in the Traveler's Log. These can include completing certain quests, battlegrounds, holiday activities, PvP, running Mythic+ dungeons, and more. There's also a monthly bonus reward for filling the Traveler's Log bar.

However, as with many new systems in World of Warcraft, the Trading Post seems to be suffering from some teething issues. Players are reporting lost tender tokens and lost Traveler's Log progress (as spotted by VG247). There's also at least one person reporting their Hellfire Infernal and Mythic Gul'dan cosmetics have disappeared after Blizzard disabled the Trading Post to investigate these earlier reports of lost tokens.

World of Warcraft is currently undergoing extended maintenance until 2 PM ET, so perhaps the Trading Post will receive its needed tweaks and be back in time for dinner. If not, keep an eye out for it next time you’re in your preferred faction’s town.

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