Worms Rumble Gets A Brand-New Game Mode Today With More Updates Coming Next Week

Despite its launch only a week ago, Worms Rumble will be getting its first major content update on December 17. The update will bring with it a brand-new arena, a slew of new cosmetic items, as well as a new game mode.

The new arena – called “Deadly Dockyard” – will have each match’s 32-players players battling it out in a shipyard filled with “shipping containers, cranes, and boats launching from the docks.” The level will also alter its environment over the course of each match. No word yet on whether a water hazard will play a part in Deadly Dockyards, but it wouldn’t be a surprising inclusion given the feature has been a staple within the longstanding Worms franchise.

A new feature coming to Worms Rumble called “The Lab”, which will feature limited-time experimental game modes where in-game cosmetics can be unlocked. Up first is “Pistols at Dawn” where each worm is equipped with a “one-shot, one kill” type of hand cannon, which is good since the weapon itself can only hold a single shot at a time. Taking part in this first The Lab event will unlock a Gold Worm Skin for you to apply to your character. The Lab is open from 10am EDT today until 10am EDT on Saturday, December 12.

Speaking of in-game cosmetics – and just in time for the holiday season – next week’s content update will bring with it free holiday-themed cosmetics that can be applied to your worm, as well as two premium outfits in the Sea Captain and the Shark (Deadly Dockyards, get it?). Emotes and weapons will also be getting some new looks, including skins that are based on the terrain from the fan-favorite Worms entry, Worms Armageddon, including Cheese, Forest, and Manhattan.

It’s the perfect time to jump into Worms Rumble, especially since Team17 already seems committed to bringing players new content for the real-time combat shooter. Worms Rumble is currently available for free to PlayStation Plus members, while PC players can snag the title on Steam for 17%-off in celebration of Team17’s 30th anniversary.

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