Xbox Game Pass coming to PC as Microsoft embraces Steam

Microsoft has taken the next step in making Xbox Game Pass available on multiple formats, as it also plans to bring Gears 5 to Steam.

Xbox Game Pass is no longer an Xbox One-only concept, as Microsoft has announced that a PC version of the same idea will be launched shortly.

Since it has nothing to do with streaming Xbox One games it will essentially be a separate service, with different games, but working on the same premise that all first party Microsoft games will be available from day one.

There’s no start date or price yet, but Microsoft has confirmed support from publishers such as Bethesda, Devolver Digital, Paradox, Deep Silver, and Sega.

Microsoft is promising a total of 100+ games will be available at launch, with 75 individual companies contributing titles.

The subscription service will also offer discounts on buying games outright, including 20% off full games and 10% off DLC extras.

More details will be unveiled at Microsoft’s pre-E3 media briefing next month but it seems they’ve also acknowledged how unpopular the Microsoft Store is and from now on will start supporting Steam, beginning with Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Age Of Empires, and Gears 5.

They’ve also hinted at supporting ‘other stores’ in the future, which seems to make the controversial Epic Games Store a possibility too.

All of this was announced in a new blog written by Xbox boss Phil Spencer, who has also revealed that proper support for Win32 games is being added to the Microsoft Store.

Of course, getting Xbox Game Pass working on PC is a relatively straightforward move for Microsoft, with the company’s biggest hurdle being whether they can convince long-term rivals such as Sony and Nintendo to support it.

Just such a thing has already been rumoured, in conjunction with Microsoft’s Project xCloud service, but an official annoucement still seems a long way off – even in spite of Microsoft and Sony’s recently announced collaboration.

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