Xbox Live Game NEWS: Popular free Xbox One games and what’s coming next

Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be getting plenty of chances in the near future to test out Xbox One games for free.

Right now, there aren’t any special Free Play Day deals available through the Microsoft Store.

However, there are still plenty of free titles available to download with a Gold membership, with more scheduled for the future.

Looking through the store, you’ll see plenty of choices and a lot of different genres to choose from.

We decided to have a little look through to see which ones are still active and proving the most popular.

The Xbox Store has its own review system and using this, we’ve found some of the most popular and best rated among the bunch.

Removing those titles that are only demos of “Chapter One” experiences, we also decided to eliminate any game with less than 1,500 reviews.

And from what we found, Warframe is easily one of the most popular and best rated free games you can find on Xbox One.


Regularly updated with new content from developers Digital Extremes, it’s been available for a few years.

It’s supported by in-game currency and purchases, but it is still possible to unlock the frames you want through grinding gameplay.

And if you might have played it in the past and not checked on it in a while, there’s probably a lot of new content that might draw you back in.

And if third-person action shooters aren’t your thing, you can always check out World of Tanks: Mercenaries.

While not rated as highly as Warframe, WOT has a thriving community and is available to download now on Xbox One.

And the good news is that a kind of sequel is being released by developers War Gaming later in 2019.

World of Warships Legends could be the next big free-to-play titles to land on the Xbox Store.

WOWs has a big following on PC and will soon be available to try out on Xbox One, although not quite yet.

Early Access is being released via the Microsoft Store on April 16, with Pre-Order game packs available now.

Here’s more from the development team, who confirm: “The developers at Wargaming St. Petersburg are hard at work on even more epic content for the Early Access launch of World of Warships: Legends in April and beyond!

“Players will be able to wage wars across five new maps and enjoy stunning oceanic vistas with glorious HDR support on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One X. Full 4K support will be available on PlayStation®4 Pro and Xbox One X later in the summer too!

“World of Warships: Legends is being built from the ground-up with console gamers in mind and will take full advantage of the power and capabilities of the current generation of home consoles.

“With faster and more exhilarating combat, more options to develop your commanders, a revamped user interface, intuitive new controls, and console-exclusive content, this is an experience that can only be possible on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.”

More news on the upcoming release schedule is expected to be shared in the coming weeks.

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