Xbox One news: NEW PS4 update could be bad news for Microsoft’s Xbox console

Microsoft could see new competition from Sony’s PS4 when it comes to console features in 2019.

While there are plenty of new Xbox One projects on the horizon, it appears that PlayStation will be announcing a new partnership in the coming months.

Key features on each console help to sell them to certain gaming groups; the PS4 supports PSVR while the Xbox One boasts backwards compatibility.

There is also another feature that can’t be found on PlayStation consoles which has been available on Xbox and PC for some time.

EA Access is a subscription service from Electronic Arts that allows fans to gain access to a vault of AAA titles.

It’s an existing gaming service available on Xbox Live that lets gamers play tons of EA titles, as well as making it possible to try out brand new games before launch day and save 10% on EA digital purchases.

These are its main bonuses and they are currently only available on Xbox One and PC.

However, new reports this week suggest that EA Access is coming to PS4, and while not crushing news for Xbox, it does mean they lose an exclusive item.

As mentioned above, EA Access allows gamers to try out new titles early, which is not something available on PlayStation consoles right now.

With EA Access coming to PS4, this would level the playing field between the two companies in this one area.

So why do we think EA Access could be coming to PS4? Data miners believe they have found code within the subscription service that mentions PS4 directly.

One mention reads: “You will need to sign in with your PSN account in order to buy an EA Access subscription.”

This new find comes following direct comments from EA that their Access subscription service was being planned for another platform.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson discussed it during an earnings call, revealing that “In the year ahead we plan to offer a subscription service on another major platform.

Adding: “We have a lot of great content coming in FY20, and we’re excited for more players to experience it through our subscription programs across more platforms.”

It should be noted that nothing has been announced by EA or Sony on this subject, meaning that EA Access remains an Xbox console exclusive for now.

The good news for Microsoft is that they already have their own version of EA Access that’s proven popular with fans.

And while Microsoft has mentioned they would like to bring it to as many platforms as possible, there are currently no plans for the Xbox Game Pass on PS4.

So this will remain a formidable exclusive, alongside the upcoming Project xCloud streaming service.

But while this could prove good news for Sony’s PS4, it was also recently revealed that the Nintendo Switch is currently the best-selling console of 2019.

Leaving Microsoft in third place, it appears the Switch has made a strong start to the year, keeping Sony in second place.

The NPD Group reports that the Switch is now the leading console for 2019 and looks to be the new device to beat.

“Nintendo Switch is the best-selling hardware platform of February,” NPD analyst Mat Piscatella revealed. “And [for] 2019 year to date.”

“Hardware spending in February 2019 declined 12pe cent when compared to a year ago, to $277 million. Nintendo generated its highest February-month hardware dollar sales since February 2011.

“The company also reached the highest year-to-date dollar sales for Nintendo-produced hardware since 2011.”

It was recently revealed that Microsoft’s Xbox Live service had reached 64 Million Monthly Active Users.

This has been estimated to be an 8 per cent growth over last year and important news when you consider that hardware sales have declined considerably.

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