Xbox One Shock: Bad news for Sony PlayStation is good news for Microsoft Studios

A recent recruitment video from the studio earlier this year spoke of “pushing boundaries” with the teams first project.

It’s possible that whatever this project is, it’s still too early in development at this stage to learn anything too substantial about the project.

But who knows, maybe we’ll be teased some artwork or something else at E3. Maybe we’ll get to learn some details about what style of game this is, or even when Xbox expects the game to ship.

Will it come to Xbox One? Or Microsoft’s hypothetical Xbox Two console.

Whatever, whenever, we anticipate that Microsoft is building something special, something that could stand toe-to-toe with some of the recent single-player success stories which have benefitted Sony PlayStation.

And after a generation of misfires on the exclusive game front, it’s probably about time Xbox did start delivering some exceptional exclusives once again.

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