Xbox Scarlett is already up and running claims Xbox boss

Earlier this week, Xbox boss and all-round nice guy Phil Spencer joined Bungie's Pete Parsons on stream to show off some of the changes that have come to Destiny 2 in recent months (and what else is still to drop this autumn).

During the livestream – much to everyone's surprise – Spencer started talking about Xbox Scarlett, Microsoft's next-gen and successor to the Xbox One.

Microsoft is still being fairly cagey about the specifics of the console (launch date, price and specific internal specs are still to be revealed), but that didn't stop Spencer from waxing lyrical about the hardware during the Bungie stream.

The Verge's Tom Warren managed to pick up on one of the most interesting bytes of information from the whole stream.

So apparently there are already consoles and games out there up and running on the next-gen system. Exciting!

The game is most likely to be a Microsoft first-party title, since Xbox will be pushing hard to make sure its exclusives redress the balance and win some ground back from Sony in the months and years ahead.

We know, for example, that Halo Infinite will be a Scarlett launch title. Has Spencer been playing that? I'm sure we'll find out in due time.

We're expecting to hear more about the next generation of consoles relatively soon – they're due out end of next year and Sony and Microsoft is likely going to want to dent the momentum of Google's Stadia launch, too.

The best way to do that? Build hype for the new consoles.

It's going to be a very exciting 2020.

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