Xbox Series X Announcement Was Unscripted, Supposed To Be Next Week

Phil Spencer has revealed the boatload of information we’ve received about Xbox’s next-gen plans wasn’t supposed to be released until next week.

It all started earlier this week, on Monday night to be exact. A leak claiming that the Xbox Series X will cost $499, and that the Series S was on the cusp of an official reveal and would clock in at $200 less. There have been numerous leaks like this in recent weeks and months, but this one felt different, like it had some weight to it.

Hours later, that feeling was confirmed. Xbox gave up on trying to conceal its hand and gave the world its first official look at the Series S. It also confirmed that it will cost $299. The details have been coming thick and fast since then, including confirmation that yes, the other half of the leak was true too. The Series X will indeed cost $499.

Xbox appeared to be incredibly prepared for all of its reveals this week, suggesting that other than the early leak on Monday night, everything went as planned. However, Xbox head Phil Spencer has revealed that has not been the case whatsoever. Spencer took to Twitter to inform his followers that all of this information was meant to have remained under wraps until next week.

“Really proud of how the team handled the unscripted announce (was supposed to be next week but oh well…),” Spencer tweeted. He also thanked the gaming community for its support and acknowledged that it has been a long wait for all of these details. Best of all for Spencer and Xbox as a whole, the team’s handling of all this has turned a pretty massive hiccup into a real positive.

First of all, if Spencer didn’t admit it, no one would have ever known Xbox was forced to reveal all of the above a week early. It has also generated a tonne of great publicity coming off the back of a holiday weekend. Simply put, Xbox is in a better position now than it has been at any other point during the build to the next generation of console. For the first time so far, it feels like PlayStation is the one with something to prove instead of Xbox.

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