Xbox Series X Rumored $599 Price Leaked Again In Pringles Promotion

A South African Pringles promotion may have blown the lid off of Xbox Series X’s unannounced price tag. If the information in the advertisement is correct, then the upcoming console will set fans back $599 on launch day.

Onlookers were quick to figure out that the Kellogg’s contest had provided enough details to unofficially leak the cost of the Xbox Series X. According to the promotion, buying specially marked Pringles cans will allow South African residents a shot at winning one of 46 Xbox Series X consoles. Also included is the total value for the marketing collaboration, adding up to approximately R621,000.

Twitter user @CaV1E pointed out the potential price leak, revealing that the value of each console is R13,500, or about £611. However, Microsoft has traditionally mirrored the UK and US prices despite currency disparity, which would put the Xbox Series X at $599. It is worth noting that the same chart lists a disclaimer that absolves Kellogg’s from any responsibility regarding “variation in the value of the prize pool” – but the number had to come from somewhere.

This price tag for the next-generation console falls in line with a previous promotional leak from Monster Energy. In fact, the new Pringles leak appears to have been discovered the exact same way, as Monster had also listed an approximate total value with their advertisement. Specifically, their total valuation for all first place prices – or 200 Xbox Series X consoles – was $119,998. This would land each at $599.

Many have optimistically estimated that both the PS5 and Xbox Series X will make their debut at $499, so this higher cost would subvert expectations. However, Microsoft appears to be gearing up to launch multiple new consoles at differing price points, potentially explaining their flagship model’s hefty $599 tag. Additionally, Phil Spencer has mention that his “strategy does not revolve around how many Xboxes [he] sells this year,” further hinting at a willingness to charge more for the upcoming edition. Although evidence for a $599 Xbox Series X launch price grows by the day, there is still no official word. Its November launch date is looming in the near future, so the end of speculation is in sight.

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