Xbox Series X smoking videos are fake warn fans

Videos purporting to show the Xbox Series X getting so hot that smoke starts coming out of it have been doing the rounds, but most think they’re fake.

The Xbox 360 is widely considered to be Microsoft’s most successful console, but that status is marred somewhat by the Red Ring of Death fiasco, which cost the company over $1 billion to put right.

It did seem to be a learning experience though and you’d assume Microsoft would never make the same mistake twice, which is why reports of the console getting so hot that some people were getting burnt by touching it seemed so unlikely.

Giant Bomb journalist Jeff Bakalar has since attempted to clarify his comments, although it’s still not clear whether he had a faulty unit or not, as we certainly haven’t noticed the Xbox Series X getting unusually hot and neither have many others.

Now that the console has been officially released though it’s in the hands of many more people and that’s led to a spate of videos appearing online that seem to show smoke coming out of the top of the console.

As popular as the videos have been though it seems very likely that they’re fake, with many suggesting that people are purposefully blowing vape smoke into the console and then recording it when it comes out.

There doesn’t seem to be any reason to want to do this other than to be a troll, but that’s always been plenty of motivation for people in the past. (Although it does seem particularly self-defeating in this case, given the likelihood of it damaging the console.)

The videos have been popular enough that Microsoft has acknowledge them, telling Eurogamer that, ‘We take all product safety reports seriously and our products meet or exceed industry standards. We are in the process of investigating further.’

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