Xbox’s First TikTok Pokes Fun At The Way Its Consoles Look

Xbox has finally found its way to TikTok, and its first post is celebrating jokes about the way its consoles look.

When the Series X was revealed, it didn’t take long for the memes to start. The Series X was designed with the fans in mind – both players and those spinny things that push hot air out of the console. Because of that, they’re a bit different. One is tiny, one is hefty – one looks like it has a massive speaker on it, the other is a fridge.

Self-awareness is typically a winning strategy when it comes to advertising. At least, that’s what Xbox was banking on when it sent out the company’s first-ever TikTok video. Downloading TikTok in the United States was set to be banned on Sunday, but—thanks to a deal with Walmart—downloads have been allowed to continue unabated. The platform attracts hundreds of millions of people in the US, so it’s an obvious choice to advertise on.

Humor not only builds communities, but it also sells products. That goes double for a platform that makes its name on funny videos. So, Xbox took the opportunity to make fun of the memes that its consoles have generated. The video looks like a phone screen capture that the company was trying to share. Of course, the phone was filled with memes, so the operator had a hard time telling a Series X from a fridge. Or an Atlas stone. Or a filing cabinet.

The short video is a great way to get people to share it and make everyone aware of the next generation of Xbox consoles. It shows that the company isn’t above a little self-deprecating humor and is aware of what the initial thoughts of the design were. There is something disarming about a company that’s willing to make a joke at its own expense. We’ve gotta say, it is working for us.

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