Xur Destiny 2 location today: Where is Xur? Update for June 3

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Destiny 2 players will be on the hunt for Xur again today, with the merchant setting up shop in a new location. The sought after vendor will be dropping back into Destiny 2 at 6pm UK time where he will be offering Guardians some more Exotics to purchase. Xur has some typical hangout spots that he heads to, and last time around the Destiny 2 merchant was located at the Tower in the Hangar on the back stairs.

Here’s what the vendor was selling then…

Destiny 2 May 27 Xur update: The Colony, Karnstein Armlets, Heart of Inmost Light and Wormhusk Crown

Xur is dropping into Destiny 2 following the launch of season 17 last week.

And Bungie has given fans an update of what to look forward to from the newest season of Destiny in its latest weekly blog post.

Destiny 2: Vow of the Disciple race teased in trailer

In the most recent This Week at Bungie, the Destiny 2 makers said: “As we continue to conquer the Nightmares that Calus and his army have to throw at us, we’ve got some next steps to share about Solar 3.0, an updated known issues list for players to track with so many new things being introduced, and a special tribute to our community that we think you’ll find welcome.

“The last week has been filled with dangers lurking at every corner. Whether it’s confronting our fears in the newest Duality dungeon or getting a little spicy with the recent Solar 3.0 update, there is a healthy dose of newness for Guardians to take on. But before we dive into what’s next for Solar, let’s talk about Iron Banner and Rift’s launch.”

Bungie also discussed the new Iron Banner Rift mode, which has been getting a backlash from some fans.

Bungie said: “Rift is back but it’s not the same Rift that Destiny 1 players will remember. With the launch of the new map, the returning-yet-revamped Rift mode for Iron Banner, and some known issues that we have been investigating, we wanted to take a moment to provide some clarity on what Rift is, while also providing an update on where the team is at in terms of bugs.”

The devs went on to add: “At the end of the day, we’re going to be keeping an eye on feedback. It’s an odd spot to be in, where you can see the community in its polarity and its entirety. There are so many opposing viewpoints and wants and sometimes those can contradict each other in a way that can be a confounding puzzle. A fun puzzle, absolutely, but tricky. One small move can make or break an experience, but we will never stop listening and expanding the Destiny 2 experience.”

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