You Should Really Be Trading In Your Classic Cars And Designer Handbags For Video Games

When it comes to a worthwhile investment, there doesn’t appear to be anything quite like comic books, trading cards, and video games.

Many of you reading this will have likely been left kicking yourselves at least once in your lifetimes when you see something you used to own sell for thousands of dollars. Whether it be a games console, a rare comic book, or what feels like the holy grail right now, a mint condition Pokemon card. Logic recently paid $220,000 for a shiny Charizard.

If you do happen to have a retro console or 20-year-old Pokemon card knocking around the house, it might be worth keeping hold of it for a little longer. A new study conducted by Raisin has revealed how much those kinds of items tend to increase with each passing year, and it’s a lot.

As you can see from the graphic below, luxury watches lead the way when it comes to outright value. However, the average increase percentage-wise year-on-year is nothing when it comes to comic books, trading cards, and yes, video games. Rare video games and consoles increase in value, on average, by £4539 ($6113) with each passing year. That’s an annual interest increase of almost 14,000% and no, that is not a typo.

One of the most sought-after items in the video game world is an original copy of Super Mario Bros . for the NES. Or Super Mario Bros. 3 if you have it. A shrink-wrapped copy of the game recently sold for a staggering $156,000 at auction. That’s all well and good for someone who has kept a copy of the game wrapped up for 35 years, although we imagine an unwrapped copy that still works would also fetch a pretty penny.

It isn’t just the holy grail of vintage video games that could make you bank. Copies of the very first World of Warcraft, which originally sold for £60 ($80) back in 2004, are selling for £3000 ($4040) if unopened, or £568 ($765) if it’s been used. Suffice to say if you have any old school games or consoles, or you see one for sale at a reasonable price, it’s probably worth keeping hold of or picking it up. If kept in good condition, that value is only going to increase.

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