YouTuber Beats Every Kingdom Hearts Boss Using A Dance Pad

A Twitch streamer has managed to beat every boss in the original Kingdom Hearts with a Dance Dance Revolution 2 dance pad.

One of the main things that Kingdom Hearts is known for is its suite of challenging bosses and that's been the case from the very start. From Sephiroth to Riku-Ansem, the original game has some pretty tough fights, but one streamer decided to give themselves the ultimate challenge – beating them with dance.

As reported by PCGamesN, Twitch streamer MomoPkmn95 set herself the challenge of beating all of the first game's bosses with a Dance Dance Revolution 2 dance mat, after being inspired by seeing others beat games like Dark Souls with a Rock Band drum set. She performed the challenge with a Level 100 Sora on Normal difficulty, and with Ultima Weapon equipped.

You can check out MomoPkmn95 fighting all of the bosses in a highlight reel that she posted on her YouTube channel. Although all of the bosses are obviously going to be more difficult with a dance mat, the super bosses cause her the most difficulty.

Infamous bosses like the Phantom and Kurt Ziza already have pretty specific ways of being taken down, such as Phantom needing the player to cast Stop on the clock to keep party members alive and Kurt Ziza having balls of light that keep him protected, but that's made even more challenging when you can't control both Sora and the camera at once.

Regarding the challenge, MomoPkmn95 said, "I became curious about using a dance pad as a PS2 controller. The idea worked, however, it was very limiting. Now that I have what is needed to do this, I decided to make the dream a reality."

Considering MomoPkmn95's success at defeating the first game's bosses, it'll be interesting to see if she carries the challenge on to the rest of the series. Although Kingdom Hearts has some tough bosses, it only gets harder the further into the series you get. Yozora with a dance pad, anyone?

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