Ys 8: Lacrimosa of Dana – All Rewards From Shoebill And Mishy And How To Get Them

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Ys 8: Lacrimosa of Dana has many fascinating characters, locations, and activities to do in the dense Isle of Seiren. Trading food to Shoebill and Mishy for unique and rare items is one such example, as they are technically side-quests but offer excellent rewards that you almost feel obligated to carry them out.

Shoebill is a stork you can trade fish you have caught with, and Mishy is a cat you can exchange fully cooked recipes to, offering valuable rewards for your efforts. While both Shoebill and Mishy show up relatively early in your adventure, getting everything they need to satiate their hunger will take lots of time and effort.

Shoebill And Mishy Overview

Shoebill and Mishy are NPCs you can find in Ys 8: Lacrimosa of Dana. Shoebill can be found as early as Chapter 2 and is located in the Castaway Village. Mishy, on the other hand, becomes available during Chapter 3 and is stationed inside the cave near the Gendarme-Hillside waypoint. Both NPCs offer unique rewards for feeding them specific things.

Mishy accepts cooked meals you can make with recipes, while Shoebill accepts fish you can catch via Fishing, a mechanic you learn early in Chapter 2. You cannot feed them the same thing twice, meaning you will have to go out of your way to catch or create unique items for them to obtain their rewards. Luckily, there are many recipes and fish for you to find on the Isle of Seiren.

Lastly, the rewards are based on both how many times you have fed them and, in some cases, a specific fish. This means that you will periodically receive items for meeting a particular milestone but often have to give them a specific meal to get a reward, which can muddy the waters and confuse things.

All Shoebill Rewards

There are ten items to obtain from Shoebill, which come from feeding her fish. In some cases, you will need specific types of fish to receive a reward, but most of them will come by the sheer number of times you have fed her. A vital gift to note from Shoebill is the Ocean Guide, which grants you an additional Adventure Gear Slot, one of the more crucial upgrades in the game. You can find every reward, how to get them, and what they do with the table below!

Shoebill Rewards

Requirement Reward Description
x4 Fish Shield Earring Raises DEF by 15.
x8 Fish Spirit Elixir Base SP gets increased by 10.
x12 Fish Ocean Guide Grants an additional Adventure Gear Slot.
x16 Fish Bitter Formula Consumer gains 1,000 EXP.
x20 Fish Great Tree Drop Revives, fully replenishes health, and removes Status Effects.
x24 Fish Empty Bottle Allows you to craft more Formulas and Medicines.
x28 Fish Ocean Hogeki Halves wearers SP cost when using Skills and raises STR by 40.
Nebulobrim Fish x3 Big Pearl Crafting Material.
Gran Arlo Fish (Master) x10 Bait Allows you to fish.
Bulldart Fish (Master) Prismatic Jewel Crafting Material.

While the specific fish rewards may seem underwhelming, they're actually quite useful, and we suggest going out of your way to obtain them. The Big Pearls can be used to get the Luminous Ring or the Placid Talisman. Likewise, the Prismatic Jewel can be used to receive the Devil Fang or the Luminous Ring.

Additionally, items such as the Ocean Guide and the Ocean Hogeki can only be obtained via this method. They are required for specific Trophies/Achievements and even an ending, so try to obtain them as soon as possible!

All Mishy Rewards

Similarly to Shoebill, Mishy also gives out rewards for providing them with food, except instead of fish, they want fully cooked meals that you can provide to them by cooking up the various recipes you learn throughout your journey. Mishy has six rewards to offer you, all of which are based on how much you feed them rather than giving them a specific meal, as we saw with Shoebill. You can find all rewards, how to obtain them, and what they do in the table below!

Mishy Rewards

Requirement Reward Description
x2 Meal x3 Cruberry Restores 100 HP.
x4 Meal x3 Ripe Coconut Revives and restores 100 HP.
x6 Meal Aeolus Rune Dropped items from enemies magnetize to you.
x8 Meal x3 Ripe Mango Revives and restores 500 HP.
x10 Meal x3 Dragon Tree Treasure Revives and restores 1,000 HP.
​​​​​​​x12 Meal Earth Orb Nullifies all effects and raises STR and DEF by 25.

While the majority of the rewards from Mishy are consumables, the Aeolus Rune and Earth Orb are some of the best items in the game and are only obtainable through giving meals to Mishy. For certain Trophies/Achievements, and an ending, you will need to obtain these items, so we suggest snagging them as soon as possible!


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