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The Fire House is the first of the island's devious attractions in Yurukill: The Calumniation Games. It sets the tone for the game's puzzle challenges and deepens the mystery of Yurukill Land. It consists of several puzzles, all of which need to be completed if you hope to proceed.

If the game's initial challenge is proving to be a brain-bender and the onscreen hints aren't helping, this guide will take you through the entirety of the Fire House with a step-by-step walkthrough. Read on for complete puzzle solutions as well as strategy for the first chapter's action sequence!

This guide contains spoilers for Chapter One of Yurukill: The Calumniation Games

How To Find The Crayons And Picture Diary

The first door is blocked by a robot that requires a picture diary and some crayons before it will let you proceed. There isn't much to see in the main room, so start by going through the door to your right.

Cosmetics Puzzle

In the right-hand apartment, you'll find a pair of cosmetics cases to the right of the counter. You can't do anything with them just yet, so keep looking around. Examine the magazine on the bed to find a note from the room's inhabitant. She's trying to evenly divide up her cosmetics.

Return to the cosmetics cases after finding the note to start the first puzzle. There are eleven bottles of identical lotion, each with a number on the cap representing the amount of lotion in the bottle. You can't move lotion from one bottle to another, so the goal is to get both cosmetics cases to have the same total amount of lotion.

There are sixty units of lotion between the eleven bottles, so you need to have thirty in each case. The case on the left has fifteen units of lotion total, so simply move the ten-unit bottle and the five unit bottle from the right case to the left case to solve the puzzle.

You'll need to hold down the interact button while moving your cursor to move each bottle. Once the correct amount of lotion is in each case, they will automatically close and Sengoku will note that something nearby has unlocked. Check previously-locked cosmetics box to the left (on top of the cabinet) to find the crayons, then bring them to the robot.

DVD Puzzle

The apartment on the left side has a bookshelf full of DVDs. Look at the bottom shelf to find five DVD cases with no discs. The drawer below is locked, and has a strip of colors that match the DVD cases. Rearrange the DVD cases so that the colors match the stripe on the drawer. The easiest way to do this is to swap the first and fourth DVDs, then swap the DVDs in positions four and five.

The drawer will pop open when the DVD cases are arranged correctly, revealing the picture diary.

Once you have both items, bring them to the robot.

The Red Crayon

When you hand over the crayons and picture diary, the robot will note that the red crayon is missing. Follow all the dialogue options to discover that the missing crayon is likely in the kitchen to your left. Examine the rug to find the red crayon hidden underneath, and return it to the robot.

How To Find The Pen

The robot in the second room is looking for a pen with which to sign a delivery slip, and also mentions juice for the delivery person. Start by examining the TV to the left of the robot.

The TV has text containing clues to the puzzle on the table in the foreground. You need to arrange the mandarins so that each of the tenant's four grandchildren are satisfied, according to the clues.

Examine the table to find eleven mandarins. Dividing them as follows will allow you to take the pen:

Up"I hate having the least!"2
Left"If I have less than Up I'll be sad!"3
Right"I want the most!"5
Down"I'm happy with half of what Up gets!"1

Upon completing the puzzle, Sengoku and Rina will discover that the pen doesn't contain any ink. You'll need to find an ink refill before you can turn the item in to the robot.

How To Find The Ink Refill

In the apartment to the left, examine the refrigerator. You'll find two bottles inside with a note from Binko instructing you to "continue as a Prisoner or drink the poison and die." One bottle contains poison, while the other is harmless. Sengoku must choose a bottle and drink it.

If you draw out the conversation with Rina over which bottle to drink you'll get several hints. The correct bottle is the one with a single circle on the label. As Sengoku explains afterward, the circles represent the letter O. "Prisoner" has only one O in it, while "poison" has two.

After drinking from the correct bottle, you'll receive the ink refill and two locks will open. Open the freezer at the bottom of the fridge to find a newspaper detailing Sengoku's alleged crime. Rina will ask to check out the room on the right – agree to her request to continue.

The next room contains several clues – start by opening the fridge. After the conversation between Rina and Sengoku, the freezer will unlock, revealing a burned picture diary.

Next, examine the drawer to the right. It's locked, but you can find the key by looking inside the kokeshi dolls on the right side of the room.

Maji-Kill Time

After returning to the robot, you'll encounter your first Maji-Kill scenario. You need to answer Rina's questions correctly to proceed. The correct answers, in order, are:

  1. That shouldn't be the case!
  2. My conscience isn't completely clear…
  3. I'd love to have proof, too!
  4. Let's end this conversation.

How To Get Past The Third Robot

The third robot doesn't want anything, but instead requires that you enter a code on its pad. First, go into the left room and take the small box on the bookshelf against the left wall. Throw the box into the fire near the door to recover the first part of the passcode.

In the right-hand room, you'll need to unlock the fire extinguisher to get through the flames blocking your way. The code is scrawled on the case:

Triangle (up)SquareCircleCircleSquareTriangle (Down)

We can tell that circle means one and square means two, leaving only the triangle at the end. Six is represented by a triangle, and the last number is an inverted triangle, so an upside-down six (nine) is the correct number. The fire extinguisher code, therefore, is 621129.

After putting out the fire, you'll reveal a grid with numbers drawn on the wall:


This represents the apartment numbers of all the rooms you've visited in the Fire House. You now have all the information you need to complete the robot's puzzle.

The Robot's Passcode

When Sengoku and Rina return to the robot, you'll be asked to choose a document that relates to the burned grid paper you found in the left room. Select the fatality report that was inside the box with it. The passcode is the number of deaths caused by the fire in each apartment, as indicated by their positions on the wall grid.

Rina will show you the apartment newsletter, which gives hints as to the occupancy of rooms 103, 201, and 302. Sengoku will automatically fill in the bottom row and part of the center row. There were no fatalities in any of those apartments, and some had births shortly after. Since 302 was empty, you can enter a zero on the top-center panel.

The strange piece of paper with the magic circle says to "add up the verticals, horizontals, and diagonals." This means that each row on the grid must add up to the same number. Since Sengoku fills in the bottom row, we know that the number is six (since 3+4-1=6). As such, the correct passcode is:


Once the passcode is entered, the puzzle portion of Fire House is complete and you'll proceed to Yurukill Judgment.

Yurukill Judgment

Each chapter's Yurukill Judgment section requires you to successfully navigate three shoot-em-up stages while answering questions about the related case. If you're having trouble with any part of Sengoku's judgment, you can find all the answers and combat strategies here.

Binko's Questions

At the start of Yurukill Judgment, Binko will ask a series of questions to review the facts of the case. The more questions you answer correctly by moving into the appropriate lane, the more lives you'll have during the combat sequences. The answers to Binko's questions in Chapter One are:

  1. Delivery Driver.
  2. Explosives.
  3. Nine.
  4. Twenty-one.
  5. Keeping a picture diary.

Stage One

Sengoku's fighter uses rotating laser pods that fire straight ahead alongside his main weapon. This means that you can deal heavy damage to large enemies in front of you or eliminate close-knit clusters of foes. You can also fly alongside an enemy, allowing your pods to damage them without having your main craft take a hit.

In all the shoot-em-up stages it's a good idea to keep your eye on your own ship rather than enemies. That way you'll be aware of incoming projectiles. As long as you keep firing you're bound to hit something!

The first stage is fairly straightforward, with small groups of enemies in manageable formations. The biggest threat are the circular craft, who fire large lasers down either side and launch missiles directly in front of them. The best strategy for dealing with these enemies is to stay in front of them and fire at will. You'll easily destroy any missiles as they're launched, and you'll be safe from laser fire.

When the boss appears, ignore the pods it launches as much as you can. They explode upon being destroyed, creating a hazard that also blocks your shots. Avoiding them allows you to focus fire on the boss, which should bring it down in short order.

After the boss deploys a Mind Wall, it will start to move vertically on the map. When it's at the bottom of the screen, you can either stay away to avoid damage or take the riskier strategy of flying next to it to deal damage with your pods. if you choose the latter, watch out for the boss's wide wingspan since it's easy to crash as your foe moves left and right.

Prejudice Synapse

After defeating the first boss, you'll need to choose a piece of evidence to convince Rina of your innocence. Select the Circumstances At The Time Of Sengoku Shunju's Arrest to get through the synapse without taking any damage.

Stage Two

Stage Two introduces long, centipede-like ships that fire to the left and right. Sengoku's ship might have a tough time with them since he can't fire horizontally, so try to destroy them while their in the top half of the screen. Other characters will find this sequence much easier in Score Attack mode.

When Rina returns for the second boss fight, watch which of her guns are firing. The wing-mounted turrets fire orange lasers which you can easily avoid if you stay directly in front of her cockpit. This is where you need to be to deal the most damage anyway, so thread the needle between the laser blasts.

The purple weapons mounted on the nose of Rina's craft fire in a tight burst directly ahead, so you'll need to pull off to either side when you see it charging.

When the Mind Wall appears, stay in the center of the screen and fire relentlessly. You'll need to carefully weave between the projectiles Rina fires, but she won't get too many volleys off by the time you break the wall as long as you keep firing.

Once the Mind Wall is destroyed you'll have to deal with Rina firing all her weapons simultaneously. Maintain the same strategy as before, or simply fire your Outburst if it's charged to end the fight quickly.

Stage Three

The final area of Sengoku's Yurukill Judgment involves large, resilient enemies. Focus on avoiding damage to maintain your power-ups for the boss fight. This stage is fairly brief, and you'll be faced with Rina's ultimate mech Azamonstrosity The Judginator before you know it.

Azamonstrosity opens the fight by firing wide bursts from its arm cannons, alternating between the left and right. Stick to the bottom of the screen, allowing the projectiles to spread apart; this allows you to easily weave in between them while keeping the pressure on the boss.

The second phase of the boss fight spawns two Brain Barriers, one on each of the mech's fists. Focus on destroying one before moving on to the other. When Azamonstrosity changes its pose, it's preparing a charge attack. Move out of the way to the left or right to avoid the strike before continuing to damage the Brain Barriers.

If possible, try to dodge to the side that matches the arm Azamonstrosity is about to swing with. The Brain Barrier on that side will be outside the protection granted by the attack's shockwave, allowing you to maintain your damage output by staying under it.

If Azamonstrosity crosses its arms in front of it, move to the top half of the screen on the extreme left or right hand side of the screen. The double-handed attack it's preparing affects the entire bottom half, so you won't be able to avoid it if you're anywhere below the boss's position.

Once the Brain Barriers are down, you'll have to contend with frequent explosions and a chaotic series of projectiles. Azamonstrosity is immune to damage while charging attacks in this phase, but you can damage the mech's left and right shoulders. Doing so doesn't harm the boss, but can help drive up your total in Score Attack mode. This is a great time to use your Outburst if you have it charged.

Azamonstrosity's final assault sees it firing indiscriminately with huge numbers of slow-moving fireballs. Move carefully to avoid damage while holding down the fire button to finish the boss as quickly as possible.

Mind Maze

Before Rina can be defeated, you'll need to clear one last puzzle challenge, the Mind Maze. Complete the sentences correctly to reach the maze's core – each wrong answer will cost you three lives. The answers are:

  1. Sengoku Shunju Isn’t the culprit.
  2. The identity of the culprit is unknown.
  3. Sengoku Shunju wants Executioner Rina Azami to spare him.
  4. Rina Azami will find solace in being freed from her desire for revenge.
  5. For Rina Azami’s sake, Sengoku Shunju must die.
  6. He will achieve this using the Yurukill Ring.

After completing the Mind Maze, deliberately fly into Azamonstrosity's projectiles to charge your Outburst. You won't take damage in this segment, so get the meter to maximum and deploy your Outburst Bomb to complete the chapter.

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