Zelda Amiibo Will Change Link’s Parasail In Tears Of The Kingdom

There was a lot for Nintendo Switch owners to get excited about during Wednesday's Direct. However, nothing generated more excitement than the closing trailer for Tears of the Kingdom. Adding to that excitement after the new trailer, it was revealed scanning other Zelda amiibo you might already own will unlock different parasail fabrics in the new game.

While not featured in the trailer itself, The Legend of Zelda's official Japanese Twitter account made the reveal after its debut (thanks, VGC). In the tweet, Link can be seen using his parasail from Breath of the Wild, a mode of transport that will return for the sequel alongside some other vehicles showcased in the trailer. However, the parasail's design in each screenshot is different depending on which amiibo has been scanned.

Apparently there will be a certain shop in Tears of the Kingdom where Link will be able to alter his parasail's fabric. While there will presumably be options to find and purchase in-game, scanning different amiibo will also unlock new fabrics. Scanning the Majora's Mask amiibo, for example, will get you a fabric with Majora's mask on it.

There will be at least four different amiibo you can scan to get a related parasail fabric in Tears of the Kingdom, including the Zelda and Loftwing figurine from Skyward Sword. While it isn't revealed whether these will be the only four figures compatible with the new Zelda game, the tweet does suggest a parasail fabric won't be all you get when you scan them as there's also mention of materials and weapons that will come with it.

All handy stuff you might need when you head out on Link's next big adventure this May. Stuff that might help you take down Gleeok if the dormant boss really is preparing to make a return to the series. While the three-headed dragon wasn't given a spotlight in the new trailer, Zelda fans are convinced the monster standing on a bridge off in the distance is Gleeok, marking its first appearance in a Zelda game since 2007 if they're right.

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