Zelda Fans Have Theories On What Tears Of The Kingdom Means

The Legend of Zelda fans have some interesting theories on what the title "Tears of the Kingdom" might mean, including that it might have something to do with the Sheikah, and that we might have already seen what the tears actually are.

Earlier this week, Nintendo finally revealed the title and launch date of the next Zelda, which is titled Tears of the Kingdom. Now that we have confirmation that it's referencing teardrops and not ripping something, fans of the series have been crafting theories on what the title might be referring to.

One theory states that we've actually already seen the "tears of the kingdom", in the game's second reveal trailer. At one point in the trailer we see a reversed shot of a glimmering teardrop, that creates a splash that looks like a crown of some kind. When this was initially presented in the trailer, it just seemed like a drop of water, but the shape that it makes combined with the title makes it seem like this was some kind of hint.

Another interesting observation comes from Reddit user IntentStudios, who shared an image of the Sheikah symbol dropping a tear onto the Sheikah Slate after completing a shrine. The Sheikah symbol has always been an eye shedding a tear, but with the knowledge we have now of the next Zelda being called "Tears of the Kingdom", it seems to imply that the Sheikah will play an important role in the game and that the tears might be referencing them.

The final theory is one that almost seems to be confirmed at this point and that's that the tears will actually be the main collectible that Link will be after in the game. This is backed up by a shot of a mural during the trailer that shows seven tear-shaped items that might be hinting at the number we'll have to collect. Combine that with the device strapped to Link's side that looks reminiscent of the Vessel of Light, and it seems likely to be the case.

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