A portable Nintendo Switch dock is blowing up on Kickstarter

The team over at Genki is Kickstarting a new project for Nintendo Switch: a portable dock.

The current Nintendo Switch dock is clunky and isn’t that great if you want to travel with your console. Genki is offering a simple charging brick that also serves as a dock for the Switch. The covert dock will also work if you want to put other things on your screen, like your tablet or phone.

The included USB 3.1 port sends data to whatever device you have connected as well, so you can use mice, flash drives, wired controllers, and more.

To use the Switch, you simply have to use a cable to plug in to the brick and then use an HDMI cable to connect the brick to the TV. While the HDMI cable doesn’t seem to be included, the USB-C cable is included with the base pledge of $59. An early bird special was offered for a lower price of $49 to the first 1,000 backers, but has since sold out.

The covert dock met its $50,000 goal within 40 minutes of being uploaded to Kickstarter and sits at $152,527 as of writing this post. The team at Genki is also known for their USB-C Bluetooth adapter made for the Nintendo Switch, so players could use wireless headphones with the console.

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