And now, for the best video game trailer of the year (so far)

My Friend Pedro is out Thursday for Nintendo Switch and Windows PC. You can’t play the side-scrolling action game yet, but you can watch this fantastic launch trailer that celebrates the occasion. It’s the best trailer for a video game I’ve seen all year.

Yes, there’s no gameplay. But the action in the trailer seems to be heavily based on things you can actually do in the game, like launching a frying pan into the air and shooting it to kill your enemies.

Really, though, we’re here because it’s stylish as hell while also capturing the spirit of the game. According to Catsuka, a website that follows the animation world, the short was directed and animated by CRCR team, and produced by Wizz. Devolver Digital, publishers behind the game, say the animation was made with Motiongrapher.

If this piques your interest, you should probably also watch an actual gameplay trailer, where you can see the many slow-motion ways you can murder your way through a level. Based on this footage, the game seems like what you would get if you transformed Max Payne into a 2D experience, which sounds great to me.

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